The concluding remarks on the 11th season of the Rainbow Six Pro League

The concluding remarks on the 11th season of the Rainbow Six Pro League

Many esports disciplines saw their scenes challenged by the worldwide coronavirus infection outbreak. This includes the Rainbow Six Siege. Let's take a look at the performance of the 11th season of the Pro League in the face of the global pandemic.

In this article, we will inspect the results of the championship's three key regions: Europe, North America and Latin America. The tournaments for the Eastern countries have failed to conduct their regional finals, which has directly affected the large viewability difference between these regions.

The league had to undergo fundamental changes because of the situation surrounding the coronavirus pandemic. The league has not only canceled its main tournament in Asia, but was also left without its global finals. This has led to the increased prize pools for the regional championships, while the respective participants were simply invited to the next season.

Out of the three events that we have mentioned, the European one stands out quite a bit. It has the most viewers not only among this season's regions, but also among all the previous tournaments as well. In other words, we never saw so many viewers attending the regional R6 Pro League events – hence, the 11th season of the league marks a local record.

The South American event was marked by a similar degree of success. It has managed to greatly improve upon the league's previous results, but failed to reach the level of the "Old World." This is while that the most powerful team at the recent World Championship was the representative of Pro League Latin America, the team NiP.

By the way, Ninjas in Pyjamas became the third most popular team in their region, losing the second spot to Liquid. Meanwhile, the first spot was taken by FaZe Clan. This reminds us that good performance does not always equal popularity within the community.

Talking about the European participants, there was an interesting occurrence with the CIS-based teams. Team Empire and forZe have occupied the third and fifth spots, respectively. Natus Vincere can also be seen as one of the region's representatives (albeit an indirect one) that have managed to reach the top 5 by the end of the season, earning the fourth spot.

It should be noted that these results did not affect the Russian-language broadcast, and we can see that the increase in its key indicators was minimal. For example, the post-championship growth of the peak viewers mark was equal to less than a hundred viewers.

The 11th season saw an extremely important record set by one of the world's major teams, G2 Esports: a mark of 40 thousand average viewers was reached. This is almost double the amount achieved during the last season, and is currently the best one among all the regular seasons of Pro League.

As we have already mentioned, the Asian championships didn't manage to produce impressive results in terms of viewability. The final which gathers the best teams from the four main tournaments (Australia & New Zealand, South Korea, South-East Asia and Japan) is commonly seen as the region's main competitive event. However, this time the situation with COVID-19 has caused its cancellation.

Overall, it can be understood that the results of the 11th season of the R6 Pro League were extraordinary. This was mostly due to the positive effect of the coronavirus pandemic on the championship's viewability.

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