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The most popular tournaments of April

The most popular tournaments of April

Our statistics says that April was not much different compare to the previous month, but at the same time it demonstrated new game disciplines and new trends.

Chinese and Korean League of Legends Split is still the most popular esports event, it collects millions of viewers from the Middle Kingdom. Playoffs of Dota 2 Asia Championship also collected a huge number of viewers — primarily because the Chinese played very well at this tournament and even reached the grand finale. But this is all a trifle compared to the fact that the mobile game King of Glory hit top-5! Perhaps we are witnessing the beginning of a new era.

Usually only Dota 2 The International can defile the king of esports — League of Legends, however Kiev Major broke Twitch with unimaginable activity. SL i-League StarSeries Season 3 on Counter Strike: Global Offensive, which, by the way, took place in Kiev too, also gathered a huge audience.

April broke all the records of the Russian-language broadcast! The unprecedented activity of inhabitants of the CIS was provoked by the presence of two tournaments in Kiev. However, the main event and the king of the month is certainly Dota 2 Kiev Major. The first Major tournament in the CIS gathered a huge audience and set a record for Russian-language broadcast.

Twitch decided not to do any surprises. The only thing which can surprise is a huge difference between the number of English-speaking and Russian-speaking viewers of Kiev Major — Russian-speaking audience is bigger for 150.000 people!

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