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The most popular tournaments of February

The most popular tournaments of February

We have already made a partial overview Twitch's February results. Before, the Esports Charts has set its sight on the most popular categories of the platform, as well as its best streamers. Now we will tell about the February events which showed the best results.

Looking at the English-speaking part of the platform, one can see phenomenal figures of the newcomer to the battle royale genre. We are talking about Apex Legends, which was presented at the beginning of the month.

Soon after the shooter's popularity has exploded, Twitch decided to hold its own tournament with the most popular streamers. The list of participants included both the highly popular persons like Shroud and Ninja, as well as some of the smaller foreign-language channels. This decision helped the shooter to overshadow all the other disciplines during the duration of the event. We have already explained this subject in great detail in a special article.

The Valve's and ESL's event, IEM Katowice Major, managed to take the second spot of the popularity ranking. While the CS:GO World Championship got its audience, it was still not enough for being ranked the first. Additionally, it should be noted that a significant part of the playoff stage was not included in the statistics due to taking place in early March, which means that the full extent of the Polish major wasn't shown.

At the same time, the main Overwatch competition has finally shown its strength. The Blizzard's league was able to eclipse other events of same kind, including the esports “old-timer”, LCS itself. While the first week of OWL was hardly a success, its subsequent performance has been continuously gaining momentum, setting the things right.

Unfortunately, we cannot say the same about North American regional championship for League of Legends. This year it was separated from the European one, becoming an independent tournament and therefore losing a significant portion of views. Because of this, the League Championship Series has merely stopped at the 4th spot.

Closing the top 5 is the Epic Games' Fortnite event. Secret Skirmish was able to rise to a quite high spot due to being unconventional. Unlike the other events, it did not receive much publicity – instead being a “secret” event and appearing suddenly. Almost as suddenly as Apex Legends itself.

There is a number of changes to the statistics that omit the Chinese audience. The top 5 now contains two League of Legends events at once, along with the Rainbow Six Siege World Championship. At the same time Overwatch and Fortnite are pushed out of this list, and the first and second spots trade places.

The CS:GO World Championship became the most popular event across the audience. Katowice Major has finally reached the first spot, taking its rightful place. This weakens the positions of the Twitch Rivals, pushing the rival to the second spot.

Following these and closing the top 5 are the two regional League of Legends tournaments. The third and the fifth spot are occupied by the Korean LCK and the LoL European Championship, respectively. Since the latter shows great improvement compared to EU LCS, it looks like the rebranding didn't go to waste

As for the fourth spot, this one is taken by the Rainbow Six Siege's Six Invitational 2019. The World Championship for this game has managed to pleasantly surprise us, seeing how typical is of R6 competitions to fall short of reaching the top 5 most popular events of the month. We have already told you about the successes of Six Invitational, and you can find the more detailed information in the following article.

The trends of Russian-speaking audience are still unchanging. Just like a month earlier, its interest is only focused on CS:GO and Dota 2. The last discipline was able to occupy 3 ranking positions at once, with IEM taking the first spot, and Warface Open Cup closing the top 5.

As already mentioned, three spots in the CIS popularity ranking went to Defence of the Ancients – being assigned to MDL Macau along with ESL One Katowice and DreamLeague qualifications. It's impressive how the regional qualifiers for the upcoming major managed to collect more viewtime than a standalone full-scale offline tournament. Such occurrences tend to happen only among this part of the audience.

What about the most popular channels on Twitch? Shroud's personal page showed an interesting situation. By himself, Cloud9's former player was able to exceed the popularity of many official broadcasts, including those of such giants as LCS.

As expected, the Intel Extreme Masters channel has claimed the peak position. The CS:GO World Championship left no chances to its competitors, considerably outmatching even the closest rival. This is despite the fact that the final matches of this particular competition took place at the beginning of March, therefore not affecting the February results.

After that we can witness the Overwatch League channel at the second spot and the English page of Riot Games at the fourth spot. Both have earned their current positions thanks to the broadcasts of the main championships for their respective disciplines.

The story of MontanaBlack88 is different. This German blogger organized his own small-scale Fortnite competition. The amount of views it received pushed his channel to the fifth spot of our ranking. All in all, during February the power of battle royales was more prominent than usual.

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