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Posted Sep 06, 2019

Since 2011 every end of the summer the world of esports is exploding with beautiful emotions diving into the International — the most important annual esports event with always the highest prize money. No surprise this year TI broke some new fundamental records — this and a lot more is available in the new TI9 Report by Esports Charts. The data is highly exclusive since it was collected and processed with our own software and analytics team.

The report highlights:

  • New record-breaking numbers and advanced details on average viewers, peak viewers and the hours watched of the TI9;

  • The ranking of the tournament participants and their most popular matches;

  • Comparison with previous The Internationals;

  • Comparison with the events of the last Dota Pro Circuit season;

  • Comparison with direct competitors from other disciplines;

  • And much more, including the exclusive details on the final match between OG and Team Liquid!

The in-game statistics from Dota 2 was also included, along with information about the most popular personalities of the event, the number of matches based on stages, etc. In addition to this, the statistics were supplemented by the results of DotaTV.

The cost of the PDF report is $499 and you can purchase it now using a payment card.

The International 2019 ReportPurchase now for$499

To purchase in any other way, please contact us via email: [email protected]. By paying for the report, you confirm you accept the terms of use of the report.

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