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The most popular tournaments of July

The most popular tournaments of July

According to the statistics of Chinese online broadcast services, viewers from the Middle Kingdom make up the majority of the world esports audience. Millions of people is a huge number, but it does not mean anything for the non-Chinese world. Chinese audience is a closed society which lives in its own world. For example, in addition to the traditionally popular League of Legends we can observe a huge popularity of the mobile game King of Glory. Even traditionally popular in China Dota 2 indicators are almost 3 times less! Mobile games are starting to conquer the esports market? Right now it does make sense only about China, but nevertheless, we can observe a certain tendency.

The entire not Chinese world watch esports in a completely different way. Traditionally, the most viewed discipline is League of Legends, but July turned out to be a month of Counter Strike: Global Offensive. ESL One Cologne gathered an impressive number of online viewers, but the unconditional ruler of July was PGL Major Krakow in Poland.

If you look at the statistics of English-language broadcasts, the plot does not change much compare to previous picture. But we can observe a huge popularity of a charity festival Summer Games Done Quick. People could remark world famous speedrunners who have passed a lot of games with special rules. For example, one of them has passed Nier: Automata with one hand. All donations and earned money organizers gave to charity.

Russian-speaking viewers were not so active at July. There were no big Dota 2 tournaments. That is why Counter Strike: Global Offensive spread its wings and grab everyone's attention. Even those who do not particularly like CS:GO, watched the finals of PGL Major Krakow - Gambit esports under the captaincy of the legendary Daniil "Zeus" Teslenko became champions of the tournament and conquered the hearts of the international esports community.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive occupied Twitch at July, more of it — Krakow Major beat the record of online Russian viewers. In the same time Summer Games Done Quick gathered a huge amount of people for the whole week.

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