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The most popular tournaments of July

July is traditionally a quiet season in esports, but not this year. BlueHole, the developers of PlayerUnknown's Battleground, decided to organize a huge tournament in mid-summer. It was a right decision as PUBG Global Invitational attracted a lot of attention from the community. What is more, the event was broadcasted on dozens of streams with different languages and formats. PUBG esports scene grown greatly over the past year.

League of Legends tournaments took 3 positions in our top, including the Chinese league LPL, the Korean LCK, and Rift Rivals, where both these leagues faced each other. There are also King Pro League Spring based on mobile game King of Glory.

The list of the most popular broadcasts without Chinese viewers is quite uncommon. Fortnite Summer Skirmish Week 2 is the weekly Fortnite tournament with a $1.000.000 prize pool which is 3 times less than PGI had. Fortnite is much more popular than PUBG in the whole world except China. So BlueHole has the only one advantage — a big fanbase in China.

The Overwatch League finished in July, so there were a lot of viewers. LCK Summer is traditionally popular in the Western League of Legends community. Arena of Valor World Cup came to our top for the first time. The game is very popular in Southeast Asia, especially in Thailand (where it is called Garena RoV). The Thai team reached the finals, thereby attracting the attention of an astronomical number of viewers from Thailand.

The English-speaking top is very similar to the previous one, however, LCK and Arena of Valor World Cup are replaced by more popular in the English-speaking region NA LCS Summer and Rift Rivals NA-EU.

CS:GO and Dota 2 are the most popular in the Russian-speaking region. PGI took the third place as PUBG is quite popular in the CIS. ESL One Cologne and ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier climbed so high because of the success of Natus Vincere. Dota Summit 9 could gather more viewers if some popular CIS team took part in it.

The most popular Twitch broadcast was apparently the main stream of the Overwatch League. Fortnite and PUBG spray their content simultaneously through many channels. For example, the Ninja channel was popular than the official broadcast with commentators.

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