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The most popular tournaments in July

The most popular tournaments in July

July turned out to be ripe with large and interesting events. First, the world saw qualifiers for the Dota 2 main tournament of the year, and concluding the month was the Fortnite World Cup. Today we will tell about the most popular tournaments of the seventh month of 2019.

As usual, our article will start from the overall result. Of course, the Chinese platforms were not included in the statistics – but the audience from this country that watched the events on trusted services has complemented the data gathered.

Fortnite World Cup became the most popular event of July. The main championship of the discipline collected a significant number of views, getting 2 million 350 thousand peak viewers. More details about the achievements of this competition can be found in our special article.

Following the FWC in the ranking are immediately the three mobile esports competitions. The Brazilian Free Fire League got the second spot. After it goes the Arena of Valor World Cup, and closing the three is the final of the PMCO spring split. The fifth and final spot of the top went to the CS:GO tournament in Cologne - ESL One Cologne.

July can be rightfully called the month of mobile gaming's triumph. Earlier similar competitions have entered our top – however, this is the first time in a while when three tournaments of such kind could be found within the top 5 most popular events of the month at once. In case you are not very familiar with this type of esports, we recommend reading our articles on such topics.

If we talk exclusively about the English-speaking audience, some changes in the top can be noticed. The first spot is still occupied by FWC. However, the other four spots of the ranking saw some changes.

In this case, ESL One Cologne has moved from fifth spot to second. Following it, the third spot went to the American regional competition League of Legends - LCS. The fourth spot went to another CS:GO event - IEM Chicago. Closing the top 5 was a special World of Warcraft Tournament centered around PvE content.

Compared to the English-speaking audience, the Russian-speaking one went even further, greatly changing the rules of the game. For the community from this part of the world, qualifiers for The International became the most popular event. Fans from the CIS are not prone to changing their habits, and so the top was mostly filled by Valve's disciplines.

Like in the previous list, the second spot went to ESL One Cologne. At the same time, Fortnite World Cup got the third spot. The fourth spot went to the final part of the StarLadder Major qualifiers. Closing the ranking was the tournament from BTS – DOTA Summit 10.

It is worth noting that in July the Russian-speaking audience's top 5 featured a Fortnite tournament. Usually, this audience is not very supportive of the game from Epic Games – but it seems that it couldn't resist the main championship of the discipline.

What about Twitch channels? As expected, the official FWC stream became ranked first. Following it is the broadcast of ESL One Cologne. After these we see yet another page from the World Cup. Fourth and fifth spots go to World First Mythic Queen Azshara in The Eternal Palace and Overwatch League: Stage 3 streams.

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