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The most popular tournaments of June

The most popular tournaments of June

Summer time traditionally is considered to be the quietest and restful period for video games industry, but the rapidly evolving esports shows clearly the opposite trend from the point of view of statistics. Millions of Chinese and hundreds of thousands of English-language and Russian-language spectators of esports broadcasts in the very first month of the summer - this is just a warm-up before the grandiose International 2017, which will be held in August.

The Chinese watch all the esports disciplines, even unpopular ones. Traditionally, the most viewed tournaments are passed on the most popular esports in the world discipline — League of Legends. The most unexpected guest of this top is mobile game King of Glory — King Pro League. Epicenter 2017 could be much more popular, but all chinese teams dropped out before semifinals, which struck the popularity of the tournament in China.  

Not only Chinese have passion for esports. The whole not Chinese viewer statistics didn't get any unexpected nominees or winners — traditionally popular disciplines didn’t lose their positions. In the same time Epicenter 2017 attracted a lot of Western viewers and took the second place in the top

Unexpected nominees always bring much fun, like an unexpected surprise party! In this regard, in the west, the English-speaking audience was subdued by the Rocket League. The game itself is incredibly popular and famous, but in terms of esports it never has been big. The RLCS Season 3 World Championship with a relatively small prize pool of $150,000 has attracted almost 200,000 spectators and bypassed Epicenter 2017!

Dota 2. So few word, so much passion. MOBA game from Valve unquestionably dominated the Russian-speaking audience, leaving far behind all its competitors. Unexpectedly, the qualifications for the main tournament of the year — The International 2017, gathered more viewers than the grandiose Epicenter 2017.

We are witnessing an important moment in the history of online broadcasting - Twitch slowly lose the position of the unanimous king of the market. With each month more and more viewers watch esports tournaments through other services, like Youtube. Twitch's management definitely needs to do something, otherwise their advantage will melt very quickly, like spring snow.

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