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The most popular tournaments of March

The most popular tournaments of March

The first spring month pleased us with the huge variety of tournaments, game disciplines and great activity of the both Chinese and Western viewers.

Chinese and Korean League of Legends splits were held at March. As expected, they gathered a huge audience of viewers from the Middle Kingdom. Also Dota 2 Asia Championship started at March, but only the group stage — the playoffs began on the first of April, so the audience in March was not that big. The main surprise of the month was the huge popularity of Winter HCT Championship, the tournament of card game Hearthstone from Blizzard.

League of Legends is the traditional leader of any top, however sometimes some of game discipline defies the king. The hero of March was Counter Strike: Global Offensive and IEM Katowice tournament, which lacked 20.000 viewers for the first place.

We can observe the same thing every month — Dota 2 is passion of russian community. Qualifications for the main tournament of the spring — Kiev Major, was watched by a huge number of people due to the presence of Natus Vincere in the finals against Virtus.Pro. In the same time the presence of a Russian player Alexei “ShtanUdachi” Barsukov in the final of the HCT Winter Championship made the tournament quite popular among Russian-speaking viewers.

Presentation of Expedition to Un'Goro, new add-on for Hearthstone, is a lonely guest of Twitch between esports tournaments. This fact demonstrates the public’s wide interest in the development of the game.

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