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The most popular tournaments in March

The most popular tournaments in March

April is upon us, which means it is time to make a summary of the past month. We are now ready to present our work in this regard, and this time we will tell you about the most popular tournaments of March.

Standing out from the rest was the CS:GO World Championship. It became the very best not only among certain audiences, but also bested every rival across the whole platform. And that's despite the past month featuring only the final stage of the competition.

As usual, first of all we will tell you about the overall results. It should be noted that the data we've gathered does not take the Chinese platforms into account. Their exclusion from this comparison was motivated by reducing the amount of bias in the results, given that the data from those platforms does not really reflect the true state of affairs.

As we've already mentioned, the IEM Katowice Major for CS:GO became the month's most popular event, peaking at 1 million 194 thousand viewers. To compare, the second spot in the ranking (taken by the eleventh season of the DreamLeague) has only reached the mark of 419 thousand viewers.

The next three spots in the list were taken by the game from Riot Games. Namely, the top 5 was closed by Korean, North American, and European regional leagues. A month earlier the spot of LCS was occupied by Rainbow Six event. With the competitor becoming obsolete, the Championship Series is back on track.

When inspecting only the English-speaking part of the platform, a slightly different state of affairs can be noted. Indeed, the IEM Katowice is still at the very top – but now the Overwatch League enters the top 5 as well. At the same time, the Twitch Rivals event (featuring the popular League of Legends streamers) enters the top 5 in LCK's stead.

Despite the scope of its league, OWL only manages to achieve high popularity among the English-speaking audience of the platform. As for the other language communities, the game even fails to score enough popularity to keep its place in the top 10.

No big surprises for the Russian-speaking fans, who are still placing Valve's games at their top spots. But this time, the gold medal is taken by DreamLeague Season 11, with IEM Katowice following right after. CIS gamers have always shown more love for strategies than shooters.

The third and fourth spots are again taken by Dota 2 – this time with the help of StarLadder ImbaTV Minor and WESG 2018 finals. In case you've missed it, let us remind you that we've already told about World Electronic Sports Games, and you can read the respective article on the following page.

The top 5 is completed by yet another tournament from the Ukrainian organizer. The seventh season of StarSeries & i-League CS:GO on the last day of the month has stood out by peaking at 54 thousand viewers, a feat for which it has received its spot in the ranking's top 5.

On a separate note, we'd like to mention the Twitch channels' results. As expected, the official English-language broadcast of the Intel Extreme Masters became the most popular broadcast of the March. Following it is the “/riotgames” with LCS play-off stage. The third spot is taken by the Russian-language stream of DreamLeague S11, while the fourth spot being taken by the “/ overwatchleague”. Closing the list is yet another Russian broadcast, this time a CS:GO-related one from RUHUB.

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