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The most popular tournaments of May

The most popular tournaments of May

The tendencies of April were proved by the statistics of the May broadcasts. Let's see what has happened.

The first three tournaments are divided among themselves Dota 2 and League of Legends - it's not uncommon. But the mobile game King of Glory took the fourth place, moving up one position in the top. The Hearthstone tournament also gathered a large audience - primarily because the Chinese played well at the tournament, taking first and second place.

Dota 2, League of Legends and Counter Strike: Global Offensive - all three main disciplines are in the list. However, the presence of World of Tanks may become a shock. It is a multiplayer game about World War II tanks from Wargaming. WGL Grand Finals, the main esports event of the year for the World of Tanks, gathered a huge number of viewers. Perhaps Wargaming can make a strong esports discipline in a future.

If we look the statistics of English-language broadcasts, you will not be surprised. There are only popular esports disciplines and tournaments.

Four Dota 2 tournaments and only one other discipline for russian-speaking channels! WGL Grand Finals on the World of Tanks gathered an astronomically huge audience, twice the nearest competitor. Wargaming has a chance to make huge esports discipline — our statistics says that the game has a huge audience and fanbase. 

Twitch did not have any unusual events or unexpected nominees in May. All big festivals are scheduled for the summer, so last month of spring was nice and quiet. 

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