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The most popular tournaments of May

The most popular tournaments of May

May was ripe with interesting events. Esports fans have watched the final stages of the Mid-Season Invitational and MDL Disneyland® Paris Major. At the same time, the second stage of the Overwatch League has come to an end. In today's article, we will provide a summary of the third month of spring and tell you about its most popular events.

We will start the article from the overall achievements of the industry at large. Of course, the Chinese platforms were not included in our statistics. At the same time, the results do include the Chinese viewers who have watched the broadcasts using the services we deem acceptable.

MSI became the most popular event, with the semifinals match between G2 and T1 receiving the most attention. Unfortunately, the grand final of the championship could not update the result and did not take the top of popularity.

Quite expectedly, the Dota 2 - MDL Disneyland® Paris Major tournament occupied the second spot of the ranking. An interesting venue and a schedule compatible with western audience were some of the factors contributing to this. By the way, we have already compared this event with its counterparts of same discipline. You can view this article on the respective page.

The mobile game tournament has surprised us. Arena of Glory spring split competitions have managed to reach the third spot of the ranking. Vietnam's main league has managed to stand out, leaving behind a number of industry's big-name events.

The second stage of the Overwatch League finally allowed the league to reach the top 5. Earlier the championship was well-known only among the English-speaking part of the fan base. Now this result was improved upon, with the event now being watched across the whole world.

As for the English-speaking audience, their own take on the top looks a bit differently. Namely, there are two differences compared to the overall results: OWL breaks into the third spot, and the top 5 is closed by the Dota 2 event – ESL One Birmingham.

On a side note, MSI shows a significant advantage over its competitors. The event has gathered 229 thousand extra viewers as compared to the second spot of the ranking. This once again serves to show the level of Western audience's involvement in the League of Legends.

At the same time, Russian-speaking gamers display an opposite picture, with their own top 5 most popular events being filled by Valve-related game tournaments. Namely, the first four spots are occupied by Dota 2, and closing the top 5 is the European division of Pro League.

We should also point your attention to the fact that CIS minor qualifiers in Kyiv gathered more viewers than ESL full-fledged LAN event in Britain. This happened thanks to the guys from Natus Vincere. The "yellow-blacks" have once again managed to demonstrate their strength and popularity among the Russian-speaking fans.

According to the tradition, completing the summary of the month is the ranking of Twitch's most popular channels. Quite expectedly, the Riot Games page is located at the top. Following it is the official broadcast of the French major. Third spot goes to Blizzard and their Overwatch League channel. The last two spots are occupied by dota2ruhub with the Russian-language MDL Major stream; and ESL, which held its own event in Sydney.

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