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The most popular tournaments of November

The most popular tournaments of November

The late autumn was dominated by LoL and mobile gaming. There are four mobile esports championships among the November top 5 most popular events. Let's dive in numbers!

Like in October, the first spot went to this year's League of Legends World Championship. Having gathered almost 4 million viewers at the peak, the tournament became the most popular in esports history. Interesting fact, this mark was obtained during the semi-finals, while the final attracted a little less audience.

Next in the list is Free Fire World Series Rio with more than 2 million peak viewers. In this case, a lot of factors contributed, but the key was the venue itself – numerous Brazilian fans army was able to watch games in the home arena in Rio de Janeiro. Interesting enough, more than half of the peak audience (1 million 115 thousand viewers) was collected by YouTube Live. But this was not enough for Free Fire and the shooter also got the 3rd spot of the top – with its third season of the Free Fire Pro League Brazil and 1 million peak viewers.

The Top-4 and Top-5 of the ranking were occupied by mobile MOBA — MLBB World Championship (already mentioned in the dedicated article) and the Arena of Valor International Championship (more in the blog post). Both tournaments were held in Southeast Asia.

Meanwhile, if we'll focus on English-speaking broadcasts, the top 5 will no longer contain mobile games. Instead, we'll see the classic esports representatives:

The top spot is obviously occupied by LoL Worlds 2019. The English broadcast has gathered 1 million 340 thousand peak viewers. This time the highest mark was received during the final match between G2 and FPX.

The next position is Code Red, a Call of Duty tournament in a new 2v2 mode. The event gathered nearly 200 thousand peak viewers. Also, this is one is a rare PC championship – the primary league of discipline is PS4 based.

The dominating League of Legends takes the third position as well – this time the Twitch Rivals championship. As usual, popular streamers have gathered their teams and fought for a relatively small prize pool. Their battles have attracted 157 thousand peak viewers, with special thanks to the “Tyler1” channel.

Closing the top 5 English rankings are two classic competitive disciplines from Valve – BLAST Pro Series in Copenhagen and MDL Chengdu Major.

Talking about Russian viewers, for the first time we can see a mobile esports discipline entering the top 5 by popularity. This is Garena's battle royale Free Fire and it's Free Fire World Series Rio.

The first spot in Russian rating was expectedly taken by the Dota 2 tournament — MDL Chengdu Major has reached 108,000 peak viewers. As we've mentioned recently in our articles, this tournament was the worst in terms of the contribution of the Russian-language broadcast to the overall standings. The second spot goes to the BLAST Pro Series, third to Free Fire World Series Rio and Top-4 position is held by the major from BTS – Dota Summit 11.

The last spot of the top was suddenly taken by a WGL WarCraft event. The game between the 'old schoolers' Happy (undead) and Lyn (orcs) has gathered an impressive audience. Who knows, maybe with the release of the updated version WC3 will return to the list of the CIS most popular disciplines.

Speaking about the platforms' numbers, it is worth noting that the Twitch's top was almost completely occupied by the Riot Games' channels. 2019 LoL World Championship took the first four spots, and only the English-language broadcast of MDL Chengdu Major has managed to prevent full domination. The Overwatch World Cup 2019 stream has stopped one step away from getting into the top 5.

Meanwhile, YouTube Live shined really bright this month, reaching an already mentioned incredible peak of 1 million 115 thousand peak viewers during the Free Fire World Series Rio.

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