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The most popular tournaments of September

The most popular tournaments of September

Summer is over and Autumn begins —the period of “heat” in the world of the gaming industry, streaming and esports. This autumn should become a turning point by breaking last year’s records — primarily due to League of Legends and Worlds 2018.

September made us understand that Autumn is the time League of Legends. Especially for the Chinese audience. All five positions are occupied by League of Legends tournaments. LPL Summer and China Regional Finals were obviously ahead of the rest as there are only the Chinese teams. LCK Summer and the Korea Regional Finals are behind them, as the Korean esports scene has always attracted the attention of the Chinese. Worlds 2018 draw show took the fifth place.

The situation is not that radical with the non-Chinese audience. Yes, we can see clearly that League of Legends dominates and Worlds 2018 is coming, but at the same time the first place was taken by CS:GO tournament — FACEIT Major London. The second place was taken by the last tournament of summer Fortnite esports season — Fortnite Summer Skirmish Week 8. EU LCS Summer managed to be more popular than NA LCS Summer primarily due to the successful performance of Fnatic.

The English-speaking top mostly looks like the previous list but with a slight difference — NA Regional Finals took the fifth place and NA LCS Summer managed to be more popular than EU LCS Summer.

The Russian list of the most popular broadcasts is extremely curious as we can see the influence of Worlds 2018 while League of Legends is not that popular in that region. LCL Summer totaled quite a lot of viewers. ESL One New York and Dreamhack Masters Stockholm took the fourth and fifth places respectively, primarily because of the good performance of Natus Vincere. In general, there were not enough Dota 2 tournaments in September to make a real competition to other disciplines.

The list of the most popular Twitch broadcasts of September raises no questions. FACEIT Major London is in the first place, followed by the official broadcast of Fortnite Summer Skirmish Week 8 and broadcast on the personal channel of one of its participants — the popular streamer Ninja.

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