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Results of 2019 with Esports Charts (pre-sale)

Results of 2019 with Esports Charts (pre-sale)

"He who controls information controls the world", - Dr. Stephen Franklin.

Want to be the first to benefit from the esports and streaming market? Thus, this info is for you.

As in the previous year, we are ready to present the compilation of our 2019 results. On the page "Viewership Statistics of 2019 Esports & Streaming" you can find the most relevant analytics basing on the information from our blog regarding different esports and streaming categories.

In particular, there is all the info about most popular esports tournaments and leagues, most popular Twitch channels, genres and categories and more.

We also announce the start of preorders of our unique annual streaming and esports reports. There you can find all important information and relevant esports and streaming statistics, such as:

- Mobile esports statistics in details;
- Information about language popularity (detailed results of all languages);
- Genres and streaming categories on Twitch;
- Esports and streaming trends;

Disclaimer: Chinese platforms are excluded from the analysis and data analysis is mainly based on Twitch streamers.

Moreover, now you can save up to 37% if you order 2 annual reports at the same time! The offer is valid up to the end of preorders. The reports’ release is scheduled on March 2020!

If you have some questions, feel free to contact us via [email protected]

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