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The results of European Masters

The results of European Masters

The League of Legends' European region is famous not only for its excellent titular league, but also for at least one more competition – European Masters. In this article we will give it a closer look, comparing its results with those from a year back and figuring out just how the audience’s interest has changed.

First of all, it’s worth explaining what European Masters is about. Last year, League of Legends developers have revised their opinion on the semi-professional scene of the European region. A new and unusual format came as a replacement for the (already quite old) Challenger Series system.

Within its bounds, a new league was organized for the teams outside the EU LCS (now known as LEC), which in turn consisted of a large number of competitions. These were organized either for the individual countries or for small groups of countries, as happened in the case of the Premier Tour or the Nordic Championship.

We will look specifically at the final stage of the competition. Like the game's international event, it went through two stages. First, the Play-In took place, and following it was the main stage.

Compared to the last summer, the tournament gained new viewers. This affected both the peak viewers and the average viewers of the broadcast. This once again serves as a reminder that the League of Legends' fan base continues to grow.

European Masters Summer 2019 has gathered 109 thousand peak viewers, which is 48 thousand more than during the spring split competition. At the same time, compared to 2018, the increase amounted to 31 thousand people. Growth over the season has amounted to as much as 40%.

The average viewers indicator has also entered the “green zone”, growing from 27 thousand to 30 thousand people over the year. In this case, the result has increased by a smaller amount - 13.4%.

Complementing the "good news" is the hours watched indicator, which increased by 17% compared to the eighth season of League of Legends.

We also note that a year later the heroes of the championship (that is, the most popular teams) have also changed. In 2018, the representatives of EURONICS Gaming were at the top of popularity ranking. This year, their spot went to the guys from the Vodafone Giants.

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