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Results of Final Kombat 2020

At the beginning of the month the final Mortal Kombat 11 tournament of the year - Final Kombat 2020 tournament was held.

The main confrontation of the year between Ninjakilla and SonicFox was solved on this tournament. There was no doubt that SonicFox was the MVP of this discipline Before NinjaKilla appeared on the pro-stage of Mortal Kombat. Their clashes occurred during the whole year and this event is no exeption.

Guys fought in the upper bracket of the tournament. Ninjakilla surprised us with his skill on Liu Kang and changed the course of the match in his favor. SonicFox fell to the lower bracket and later they met in the Grand Finals. The peak on their match was 44K spectators.

The format of the tournament implied that the player from the lower bracket must win 2 Bo5 matches in order to reach the finale. SonicFox won 2 matches with the score 3-1, even though it seemed impossible.

As a result, Ninjakilla and SonicFox have met in the final Bo5 match. The guys showed off with their skill on their signature heroes - Liu Kang and Joker. But there is only one winner and SonicFox has proven again his MVP title, winning with the score 3-1.

Unfortunately, the Grand Final viewership statistics wasn't so great. The reason is the difference between the time zones. The final match was held at 2 a.m. GMT and collected only 46K spectators. It is 22% less compared to the viewers peak on the match between DizzyTT and Rewind - 60,317 spectators

As for the language peak, the broadcast was attended by 58K English viewers and 2,3K Russian viewers. The total number of hours watched on Twitch was 462K hours.

Final Kombat attracted the smallest number of spectators compared to other tournaments. In terms of viewership statistics CEO 2019 is leading with 83K spectators at its peak, and Combo Breaker 2019 is leading by hours watched category.

The next Mortal Kombat event is Combo Breaker 2020, which is scheduled for the end of May, but it is not known whether it will be held or not, as the coronavirus has led to the postponement of all esports LAN-events.

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