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The results of GrandMasters Season 2

The results of GrandMasters Season 2

The playoffs of the second season of the GrandMasters series were hit by an incredible scandal. It brought huge problems for the game developers, which in turn affected the results of the competition. It’s worth telling about this by comparing the statistical successes of the event with the previous tournament.

Overall, nearly every region out of three has shown improved performance. Despite the scandal surrounding the statement of one of the participants in the Eastern League, the end results only increased.

In the European competition, the peak viewers indicator grew by 12%. At GrandMasters 2019 Season 2 Americas, this strength of this figure was reduced, showing 18% less. In Asia, the peak viewers hit the mark of 51 thousand people, which is 36% more than at the beginning of the year.

The situation more or less repeats itself based on the average viewers. Europe got 23% more compared to the first season. North America improved by 3.9%. The indicator in the Asian region grew by 40.7%.

However, if we only compare the playoffs of the GrandMasters stage, we can see that the second season lags behind. This can be seen at GrandMasters Europe and GrandMasters Americas.

The peak viewers mark of the final part of the European competition decreased by 17.7%. At the same time, its American counterpart had the same indicator decrease by 25%. Only Asia has shown a 37% worth increase.

The average viewers indicator of the playoffs of the second season has retained similar trends. If in the European division the decrease was only by 1%, then for the “new world” tournament the difference reaches 11%. But again, the Asian event has managed to win by gaining 37.5% more of the audience.

Let's talk about the main stars of the tournament - the players. Each region has its most popular representatives. We compiled their ranking based on the average viewers.

In Europe, Thijs has reached the pinnacle of popularity, with his matches being watched by 37.9 thousand people. The second in the ranking was Pavel, with a result of 37.5 thousand viewers. The bronze of the ranking was taken by Hunterace with an indicator of 36 thousand.

At the North American competition, JustSaiyan became the most popular participant with 34 thousand average viewers on his matches. The second in the ranking was Muzzy with a score of 33.7 thousand. Third spot went to Purple, whose figure is only 206 people short of reaching silver.

The most popular player in the Asian region is AHQSHAXY with a score of 32 thousand people. The silver of this popularity ranking went to che0nsu and his 31 thousand people. Completing the top three was tom60229, only slightly lagging behind the closest competitor.

As you can understand, the recent scandal involving the boycott of the company has affected only the western part of the world. The playoffs, usually marked by the highest scores, showed the opposite effect in Europe and America. But despite this, the overall results of the second season of the competition turned out to be better than those of the previous competition.

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