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The results of MPL PH, MY/SG and MM in November

The results of MPL PH, MY/SG and MM in November

The sixth season of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has come to an end. The Philippines, Malaysia/Singapore, and Myanmar entered the battle after Indonesia. We'll determine if these regions could jump over their heads and set such unbelievable records as MPL ID.

The Philippines was the first region. We should highlight the new tournament format. Now it's Single Elimination with BO5 matches.

This season has shown record results: Hours Watched increased by 330%! Other metrics also experienced some growth.

The official Facebook broadcast was the most successful in the Philippine region - 488K Peak Viewers. The next one is YouTube - 282K viewers.

TikTok suddenly appeared on the platforms list. Many mobile esports teams created their accounts on this hyped service. Moreover, now we can watch the official TikTok broadcasts of events. As a result, 2,8K Peak Viewers watched MPL PH S6 in TikTok.

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Bren Esports, the champions of S5, celebrated their victory again. 169K watched their matches on average. Their battle with NXP.Solid became #1 of the tournament and gathered a lot of viewers - 765K at the peak.

The final battle between Bren Esports and Omega was only at 5th place by popularity - 476K Peak Viewers.

The Viewers Peak of the Philippine region grew by 119% compared to Season 5. This result is the best in the history of Bren Esports, but NXP.Solid became the first team by Average Viewers - 251K.

The next region is Malaysia and Singapore. Compared to the Philippines, the increase isn't so prominent, and the number of Average Viewers even went down a little. 

The 6th season of this region was special for TODAK. In season 5, the team took only 6th place. However, two new players joined the team, and TODAK became the champions of S6 without any loss. They also became the most popular team of the tournament, gathering 22K spectators on average.

The final clash between EVOS.SG and TODAK collected 80K Peak Viewers but didn't become the most viewed match. Geek Fam and SMG got this achievement instead. Their meeting in the Group Stage drew the attention of 83K viewers at the peak.

Malay viewers dominated at the broadcasts of MPL MY/SG S6 - 68K Peak Viewers. The English-speaking fans were behind them - 66K viewers at the streams.

This was only the fifth season for Myanmar.

The region got the new record by general metrics. The Hours Watched increased by 115%, including the fact that the tournament streams only on one platform - Facebook.

Burmese Ghouls became the regional champions again. This is the third win in a row for them, and their number of average viewers increased by 80% compared to the previous season.

Let's highlight the silver owners of MPL MM Season 5. Ronin team was formed only in July this year, but they managed to take second place in the professional league.

The Average Viewers of Ronin concluded 35 thousand. Ronin were one step away from the interruption of BG's dominance in Myanmar. We'll see if they achieve their goal in the sixth season.

As a result, Indonesia showed the best results among the latest seasons of the professional league. Other South-East Asian regions also improved their statistics compared to previous seasons, but they could beat neither nor 6 seasons of Indonesia in terms of numbers.

The next exciting event is MLBB All Star Malaysia 2020. It will be held on November 21, including ten famous players of the region and other media personalities. The event will broadcast on Facebook and YouTube, and in TikTok, you can get in-game skins.

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