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Rift Rivals: The eastern clash

Rift Rivals: The eastern clash

We have already told about the battle between Europe and North America within the bounds of Rift Rivals. Now our editorial staff will be targeting the eastern counterpart of the competition, one which brought together representatives of the main eastern leagues.

First, we should note that despite the fact that we are reviewing the Asian matches, the participation of Chinese fans will be minimal. The statistics do not include any results from the Chinese platforms. However, the Chinese viewers that watched the matches through the trusted services will be taken into account.

It is important to note a significant change in the list of participants of the Rift Rivals. This year, the "eastern battles" were complemented by the representatives of VCS. In the past, Vietnam fought against the CIS and Turkey, but in 2019 it has moved to the list of the main Asian leagues. In season 9, it was merged with the LMS into one common team.

As usual, the article will start from a general comparison of the competition with the last year's event. Overall, we can again observe positive trends in terms of the audience growth. The numbers of average and peak viewers of the championship broadcasts have greatly increased.

The number of stream's average viewers has grown to 193 thousand. This is 55 thousand more compared to the previous season. At the same time, the peak viewers have reached the mark of 454 thousand. This time the increase (in comparison with the last year) amounted to 180 thousand viewers.

This can be attributed to several factors, the main of which is the very same increase affecting the list of participants. We are talking about VCS and fans of this championship. The number of viewers on the Vietnamese broadcast has doubled. This greatly helped Riot to get an additional portion of views.

But this is not the one and only cause. The Korean broadcast became an additional advantage to the organizers, showing an excellent result and having increased the last year's figures by two or more times.

We have already noted the growth of these two audiences within our MSI article. At that time, the Korean and Vietnamese fans set a couple of new records for the Mid-Season Invitational. As we see, they still have some vigor left after that event.

We can tell bad news only about the English-language stream, the performance of which has decreased by a relatively insignificant share. More precisely, the decrease has affected the average viewers by 32% and the peak viewers by 27% - which is a slightly lower figure.

Having compared both competitions from Riot with their predecessors, we once again observe growth in the fan base of League of Legends. This was clearly seen on MSI 2019, and now it has once again been proved through the Rift Rivals. Waiting ahead is only the summer split of the ninth season and its fantastic final at the World Championship in Europe.

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