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Rift Rivals: The western clash

Rift Rivals: The western clash

The battles between the North America and Europe constantly evoke a storm of emotions. But what's there to be found behind these events? Today we will tell you about the behavior of Rift Rivals' audience compared to the last year’s event.

All in all, we can observe some positive news. There were quite a lot more viewers watching the battles of the "western clash." The peak viewers have increased by 85 thousand. The average viewers of the broadcast have shown a slightly smaller increase of 26 thousand.

At the same time, if you compare the audiences of the championship, then you can find some problematic aspects. For example, Vietnamese, Spanish and Polish streams lost some viewers. If the situation regarding the Asian fans is more or less clear (local competitions are much more interesting to them than the battles between the western teams), it becomes a little different when it comes to the other two audiences.

Yes, the Spanish broadcast depends on the gamers from Latin and Central America, but what about the Poles? Apparently, this part of the European audience is not that interested in the battles between the EU and NA. The schedule is partly to blame, being not that suitable for Eastern Europe – but this didn’t hamper the rest of the streams.

Regarding the participants, it is also possible to note an interesting fact. Like the last time, the guys from Team Liquid were the most popular representative at the event (on average). Therefore, the current champion of MSI is going to lose its spot, given that in 2018 “the samurai” have taken the second spot in the ranking, but this time they fell to the third spot, losing to their Fnatic colleagues.

However, the peak mark was reached at the match between Liquid and Fnatic. This is surprising, since many were eager to see a rematch between the champions of the spring LEC and LCS for the final of the Mid-Season Invitational. But as practice has shown, the viewers have found it more interesting to follow the other, less “expected” match between the “old-timers” of the leagues.

To conclude the article, we can emphasize the growth of the general audience of League of Legends. Every year the game is gaining more and more momentum, but it becomes especially huge when it comes to the ninth season. Ahead of us is the summer split, and afterwards the best teams will gather in Europe at the Worlds Championship.

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