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RLCS: The results of the 7th final

Posted Jul 04, 2019

The final of the 7th season of the Rocket League Championship Series took place recently. We did not miss this opportunity and today we will tell you about the achievements of the final part of the championship.

Overall, the competition has made some significant progress. This is especially evident considering the failures of the regular part of the seventh season. It has turned out that the fans of the game has reserved their warmest welcome for the final stage of the season.

The final of the 7th series has peaked at the mark of 202 thousand viewers, which is 40 thousand more than during the previous season. Currently this is close to being an absolute record since the foundation of the tournament, only being topped by the 3rd season with its 206 thousand viewers.

The graph clearly shows that the RLCS Season 7 showed the best performance (especially compared to its predecessors) for the first time in several years. The 5th and 6th series of the Rocket League Championship Series have shown a constant reduction of the peak number of viewers, showing a decline in public interest.

Unfortunately, this positive factor did not persist when it comes to the broadcast viewhours. At the moment, the finals of the 3rd season still show the best result. At the same time, the final part of the recent championship has reached fourth place, which is not too bad of a result. This shows that the tournament is still more popular than its counterpart from the last year.

There's no denying of growth when compared to the 6th season. However, the recent final is still inferior when compared to many of its predecessors. Judging by the current trend, most of the matches end up causing the league to lose its fans – and only few of them are interesting enough to attract a comparatively large portion of the audience.

As a result, it can be stated that a standalone match of the competition still turned out to be in the black. At the same time, the rest of the event does not appear to have a solid chance of updating own records. The developers of the game should try to change this situation, which is something the new patrons of the studio in the face of Epic Games will be able to help them with.

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