Is the Spanish community about to take CWL by storm?

Is the Spanish community about to take CWL by storm?

Thanks to the large numbers of Spanish-speaking users, the worldwide Spanish community constantly proves its competitive strength. Time after time, we have noticed the sizable effect this community tends to have upon the tournament's view count figures. Before, it managed to boost the Clash Royale championships with extra views. Meanwhile, it is Latin American division of Pro League that comes close to being the most popular Rainbow Six Siege league.

Call of Duty, this leader of American market, seems to be the next target of Spain and Latin America. The players from Heretics KFC have shown the top performance during the last qualifier of CWL Pro League 2019. Their participation has resulted in Spanish-language broadcast peaking at 5 thousand spectators.

With this being a mere qualifier stage, the team will undeniably face even more challenges by meeting world's best teams at the championship itself. The team composition being mono-national as it is, would pick further interest from Hispanic fans. It is likely that all the circumstances mentioned will make this community increasingly more interested in the official CWL streams.

Such turn of events would also mean that the game itself will gain more popularity in all the Spanish-speaking countries. This would be an invaluable feat for the developer, with increased popularity causing their product sales to skyrocket – something that stands even more true for the franchises that rely on annual release model, such as Call of Duty.

From the esports perspective, this is also in no way a financial loss. On the contrary, the increase in figures means that more sponsors will be attracted to such organizations in the future. This means that extra funding will be directed to the teams, translating into better training conditions for the players. In the end, this chain of causality would cause an increase in performance of Spanish and Latin American participants, and so the loop would begin anew.

Such an example serves as a good explanation for the previously mentioned Latin America Pro League. Since we have already provided an overview of the shooter's overall esports perspective in our article, now we will focus only on one particular aspect. In a nutshell, with both the players and the community showing increased levels of interest, it became possible to obtain the funds necessary for ensuring the players' own development. It was thanks to these funds that the season's last two finals have ended with participation of this league's representative.

To summarize, it's worth saying that Hispanic gamers have a huge impact on the industry. The current situation gives Call of Duty a sound chance of attracting this segment of video gaming fandom and obtaining extra views for its esports discipline.

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