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The statistics of Top-10 channels before Mixer's closure

The statistics of Top-10 channels before Mixer's closure

Today our article is dedicated to the top of streamers for the last month of Mixer's existence.

On July 22 Microsoft has officially closed Mixer and sent all streamers to the new Facebook Gaming platform.

The streamers had a full month before the closure, and a lot of them had a difficult choice: to stay on Mixer till the end or to switch to a new platform immediately? Let’s see what was their decision.

Mixer experienced right away a decrease in statistics. The overall Hours Watched of June decreased by 81% (from 30M to 5M), and the Average Viewers by 75,8%.

Compared to June, our top has changed crucially. PaladinsGame channel stayed in the first place, and the reasons for that are clear. But its Hours Watched dropped by 48%, and the Peak by 35%.

Shroud didn’t enter our top, because his contract with the platform has officially ended. He hasn’t announced his decision about his further actions and new platform yet. Probably it’ll be YouTube because there he has almost 7M subscribers.

The second place in our top is occupied by Bigsadie84, he streams mostly Fortnite. He has climbed on 41 positions up and reached the peak at his very last broadcast on Mixer and collected 1,7K viewers. In the future, he’ll switch to Twitch.

Ninja hasn’t also entered our Top-10, because after the end of the contract he transferred to YouTube. +400K subscribed to his channel for the last month, and he managed to reach 24M on his account.

3rd, 5th, and 6th positions belong to one streamer - RpgNetwork247. Thanks to several channels he enticed the audience on his Twitch channel. During the whole month, all 3 channels were streaming Fortnite.

Smitegame has lost 2 positions this month, and its Hours Watched decreased by 57,3%, and Peak Viewers decreased 2x.

Eddie47 has climbed 185 positions up. He streamed the longest during this month in the Forza Horizon category.

Hayashii has entered our top in the end, and he has the biggest peak this month - 5,4K viewers, and he streamed mostly in the Web Show category.

Monstercat radio has lost 5 positions in July and his Hours Watched decreased by 79%.

In general, July top distinguished itself with drastic changes, as many popular Mixer streamers just left the platform before the complete closure. They’ve taken the majority of the audience with them accordingly.

The overall monthly peak viewers of Mixer has decreased from 142K to 21K and the number of channels decreased by 63,3%.

We will soon release even more reports about the Mixer’s closure, so don't forget to subscribe to our @EsportsCharts Twitter, so you don't miss all esports news and stats.

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