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The most popular streamers of January on Twitch

In January 2020 we saw the title of the most popular streamer going to the new owner, as well as the appearance of newcomers in the top. We will expand on these topics in today's Twitch results.

Summit1g became the most popular streamer of the first month of 2020, taking the title which was kept by xQc during the two previous months. The big change in favor of Jaryd “Summit1g” Lazar was earned by him devoting the majority of his airtime to the latest Twitch craze, Escape from Tarkov. The introduction of Twitch Drops has helped the game to continuously gain momentum since the end of 2019. This has caused the fans of this shooter to rush to any related streams, which has given Summit1g the push required to get to the top spot of the ranking.

When it comes to xQc, he has only reached the third spot – which can be attributed to the overly varied nature of his content. Covering a large number of games was not the optimal strategy to attract large enough audience, causing the streamer to drop two spots down – and that's while he's not a stranger to utilizing the hyped topics to own advantage.

The top 5 features two newcomers at once. Pestily occupies the second spot, also owing to own Escape from Tarkov broadcasts; this streamer is also one of the oldest players around, having played the game for a total of 5 thousand hours if the stream is to be trusted. As such, it is easy to see how the hype around the Russian-developed shooter helped him to rise this high.

Castro_1021 was the another new face in the top, a streamer specializing solely in FIFA 20. Despite this, he has managed to overtake quite a lot of other channels on the platform. Meanwhile, the football simulator itself is only at the ninth spot of Twitch game popularity ranking.

Loltyler1 has managed to return to the top 5. Tyler Steinkamp has once again entered the Twitch Rivals series' competition in January, as well as took on a new challenge during the month's second half, switching his activity to The Forest. All these factors have allowed Tyler to occupy the fifth ranking spot.

When it comes to the Russian-speaking viewers, ybicanoooobov became the most popular channel. Overall, the January top was taken over by the Dota 2 streamers. The second spot went to stray228, while Ukrainian cyberathlete Iceberg became yet another representative of this game to enter the top. It was the first time for the latter to enter the platform's top 5 most popular streamers, a feat reached thanks to his broadcasts of the DreamLeague Season 13 matches.

SilverName has shown himself is a negative way, dropping by one spot in January and thus arriving to the third spot in the ranking. This can be attributed to a slight decline of audience's interest in Hearthstone, as well as the overall shift of game's esports activities to YouTube – which means that part of the audience has already followed it to the new platform.

C_A_K_E continues to keep his previous spot. His efforts during January involve a large number of streams covering various topics, as well as coverage of the hyped Escape From Tarkov. Should this shooter's popularity keep on rising, Cyril will be likely rise to the spot above his own.

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