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The most popular streamers of January

Posted Feb 22, 2019

The beginning of the first month of 2019 was interesting to the esports fans and the casual gamers alike. The latter have spent a huge amount of time watching the normal broadcasts over the past month. We have decided to make a summary that would outline the most popular Twitch streamers of January.

Holding the lead is Turner Tfue Tenney, who has managed to get a huge audience thanks to the Fortnite hype. Turner's broadcasts over the past months have managed to collect over 10 million viewhours – which is also 2 million above the results obtained by Summit1g, ranked second.

Having enjoyed universal acclaim during the past year, Ninja took the third spot with his 7 955 115 viewhours. Despite this, Tyler Blevins still holds the lead when it comes to the peak amount of viewers per standalone broadcast. Namely, his stream of New Year's event in January has attracted 353 thousand viewers at once.

The final additions to the top five, Nickmercs and Shroud have arrived to the fourth and fifth spot, respectively. The difference between these spots is equal to 2 million viewhours, while the difference between the first and fifth spot is a little over 5 million viewhours.

Surprisingly, the three out of five top streamers have selected the Fortnite Battle Royale as their main content, with only Summit1g and Shroud making an effort to deal with other games. In Shroud's case, the creation of Epic Games still gets his occasional attention.

We should not miss on the real cause of 1G being ranked so high in our list. It was not the Battle Royale hype, but rather the not-so-successful Sea of Thieves. Jaryd Lazar's influence on the platform was so strong that it caused the majority of popular streamers to immerse themselves into the pirate adventures as well, giving the game a second life – something that was noted even by the game's developers.

SilverName is ranked first for the Russian-speaking part of Twitch, with his HearthStone battles having translated into 2 million viewhours. This is related to the player's improved ranked game results, allowing him to return to a high position in the ladder. Aside of this, Vladislav has engaged in other games (such as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim), attracting new audience.

Stepping on his toes is the personal channel of Ilya “ALOHADANCE” Korobkin, who has recently returned to the platform after getting permabanned for copyright infringement. Ilya has managed to take advantage of the hype surrounding his unban, attracting large audience and having his stream aired for a total of 266 hours during the month.

Next on the list are ybicanoooobov and Stray228. Those two continue producing the content saturated with lots of funny and interesting moments, attracting a lot of attention from the Dota 2 community.

The last on the list is Bratishkoff, famous in the CIS community due to his broadcasts featuring many streamers. The extra layer of content attractiveness (provided by the diversity of the games shown) allowed his channel to be ranked fifth.

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