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The most popular streamers of March on Mixer

The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in a large influx of new users to many platforms, and that, of course, includes Mixer. We will talk about this while analyzing the popularity of this platform's streamers for March 2020.

As usual, the platform features a struggle between Ninja and Shroud, who are quite predictably the two most popular streamers. Last month, Tyler was the winner – and by March the ranking of channels shows us no changes in this regard.

It should be noted that the increase of Ninja's total hours watched has amounted to a little more than 400 thousand. However, the airtime (which was equal to 176 hours in February) has grown as well – and as you may expect, the increases of these two indicators are rather unequal.

In case of Shroud, the situation was the opposite. While he has spent a total of 171 hours doing broadcasts, the number of hours watched has grown by nearly 30 thousand. The peak viewers dynamics were also positive, growing from 10 to 15 thousand people in March. This was mostly possible due to the appearance of the Warzone – the Call of Duty's new mode released in spring.

It should be mentioned that there is one caveat, though: this time Ninja and Shroud have a sizable airtime difference, and the airtime is what directly impacts the hours watched indicator. In other words, the ranking balance between the channels could have been different in case their broadcasts had equal airtime over the month.

Both streamers are certainly not missing any opportunities and try to participate in a number of popular events. For example, recently Ninja and Shroud took part in the Call of Duty Warzone competition organized by the well-known blogger Keemstar. In turn, this brings extra attention to their own channels.

The rest of the ranking doesn't show much change either. The duo of the best streamers is followed by the official pages of various games and the "almost round-the-clock” radios. Monstercat is leading among the latter, leaving the competition behind by a decent margin.

It is peculiar that the threats of Mixer's administration to make a final solution to the round-the-clock streams are not that old (and supposedly are still relevant). However, the situation hasn't changed much in the last several months, with such channels still remaining among the most popular ones.

Another important fact is that the current top 10 features some new faces. One of the newcomers of the March is the French streamer GameMix13. His feat of spending 256 hours on the air still was not enough to overcome his closest rival: KingGothalion. The difference between the two has amounted to merely 8 thousand hours.

In the end, the platform seems to still revolve only around Ninja and Shroud. Meanwhile, all the other channels remain quite far behind.

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