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Streaming trends in Italy

Streaming trends in Italy

We want to continue our series of esports trends in different countries and our next topic is Italy. In the previous review we found out that one of the keys to success of Korean esports is the impact of government on its development. In terms of Italy it’s exactly the opposite. There esports is still on the stage of its early genesis. This country doesn’t have both esports culture and coherent managing facility with years of experience as KeSPA in Korea.

It is important to note such guys as GEG, Italian organization, that makes part of ASI (Italian Sports Alliance). They handle the development of Italian esports and hold tournaments in different parts of the country.

It’s a pity, that there is no team of Italian origin who has conquered the esports scene, now we can see only individual players in European teams, for example, Jiizuke in the LoL roster of Evil Geniuses.

Twitch categories

Country’s culture impacts directly on esports trends and Italy isn’t an exception. In Top Twitch categories of January FIFA 2020 holds the first place and the next category is Just Chatting. The gap between them in Hours Watched category is 62,3% On the 3rd position is GTA V, that holds 5,8% out of all views. LoL in Italy is not so distributed comparing to Korea and is only on the 4rd position. And Hearthstone, which is on 3d position in Korea, holds only 8th position in Italy.

Popular streamers

As can be seen, streamer ZANOXVII is the king of the top, because he owns more than 1M of Hours Watched in this ranking. He streams mainly FIFA 2020, and it isn’t a surprise considering the Italian love of football.

POW3RTV, the representative of team Fnatic in Fortnite, holds the 2nd place. Escape From Tarkov game composes 81% of his streams, but, interesting that during the month he held 9-hour stream of Fortnite and the average viewers mark was 35% higher comparing to Escape From Tarkov.

Tumbblr became a star of our top, by climbing on 15 positions higher. In January he started streaming in 2,5 times more comparing to December. His most popular category is Just Chatting. Unfortunately, for yoshi93 this month wasn’t so good, he lost 4 positions because he streamed only FIFA 2020 and other streamers managed to steal his audience. Along with that, popular Italian Youtuber Justees has started his Twitch career, that’s why he entered Top-10 only 2 months after his first stream.

Most popular tournaments in Italy

Despite the fact that LoL has relatively low position on streams, it is the most popular esports discipline in the region. Сoncerning the peak viewers in January LEC Spring collected more than 5,000 of  Italian viewers. Same story with Fortnite, their tournaments are holding 2 and 3 places accordingly. In February the situation changed and Fortnite tournament KEKKOBOMBA 2.0 outturned LEC Spring in peak viewers’ category on 42,3%.

Overall, we can see that esports in Italy is only at the stage of its popularization and we hope that in future they will conquer the esports scene.

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