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Summer Games Done Quick 2020: The worst result of the series?

Summer Games Done Quick 2020: The worst result of the series?

Usually, this event is remembered for a large screen and a bunch of fans in the same room. The Coronavirus did its job again, that's why the event was held in the online format with the negative consequences. Summer Games Done Quick 2020 Online is the worst event in the series history by viewership stats.

Games Done Quick is an annual speedrun competition, where the gamers complete different games as fast as they can and raise the money for Doctors Without Borders Fund at the same time.

Summer Games Done Quick 2020 Online became the final part of SGDQ 2020. The event was held from August 16 to 23, and for that time, the streamers collected $2,3M for charity. But this isn't a record, the summer event of the last year has collected $3M.

The speedrunners played 146 games in total, from old Tony Hawk's Underground to new and iconic projects like The Witcher 3, Half-Life: Alyx, and DOOM Eternal.

121K viewers watched the speed marathon at the peak on Twitch. The official gamesdonequick channel became the most popular - 88% of the audience watched it.  

10K German-speaking viewers watched the event thanks to the Germench channel. 9,1K Spanish-speaking fans watched the speedrunsespanol channel.

There were also Japanese, French, and Portuguese restreams, and these viewers contributed 5,3%, 4,5% and  2,4% to overall Hours Watched number accordingly.

Pokemon Sword/Shield became the most popular game of the event. It was streamed for 6 hours, and the category has collected 458K Hours Watched and 73K Average Viewers. Minecraft is leading by Peak Viewers, and for 1 hour of Air Time, it has reached the mark of 107K viewers at the peak and 100K Average Viewers.

But why is this the worst event in the history of the series?

Compared to previous SGDQ 2019, the Hours Watched decreased by 40,5%, though both events' air time is almost the same. Viewers Peak dropped by 29%, though the event of the previous year was offline.

Still, online couldn't restore that gaming atmosphere and attracted fewer viewers and donates at the same time. That's why the organizers have already announced the new Awesome Games Done Quick 2021, and it will take place on January 3-10, 2021. 

It's still not decided whether the next event will be online or not, as it all depends on the world's epidemiological situation.  

Before that, the women's speedrun marathon Fleet Fatales will be held from November 15 to 21. 

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