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TeamFight Tactics: The “cosmic” changes

There was recently an important update to TeamFight Tactics, one which has brought new content to the game. Along with this, the mobile version of the autobattler was released by the developers. All of this has made a certain impact on the project, and we will tell you how the interest of the audience was affected as a result.

TeamFight Tactics is prone to radically changing the balance of powers each few months. The game's developers tend to completely revamp the existing gameplay, making it fresh and new. This is done in the vein and spirit of Riot Games, who are known to make similarly global annual changes to the League of Legends' fields of justice.

The middle of March has continued with this trend. The studio has changed the overall theme of the game from the elemental to the cosmic one, bringing the old and new champions alike. The developers have also shown some effort when it comes to changing the rules, including the new "roulettes" with identical objects, entire universes with their own unique rules, and much more. It seems that their goal is to bring a unique flavor for each new iteration of their game.

This was appreciated by viewers, allowing the game to greatly increase its visibility. Looking at the graph that represents the viewer count, one can see a clear trend of its exponential increase after March 18th. While the category couldn't even reach 10 thousand average viewers before the patch, after it this indicator has effortlessly exceeded the mark of 40 thousand.

The channels broadcasting TFT has joined the same trend, with their number being on the sudden increase after March 19, rising from a mere few hundred channels to a thousand. But after a few days this number began to slowly decline and is likely to soon reach the values of the second set.

The mobile client is partly to blame for this state of affairs. The attempts to try the mobile version of the game were actively encouraged by Riot Games, and Apple itself has offered everyone to try the game upon its official Apple Store release. This has caused the game to become the most popular mobile strategy since the first day, and it continues to hold this spot since then.

Talking about quality of the mobile port, it was mixed at best. The game's starting functionality has offered the players the netplay and arena customization capabilities – but not the match history, store, or any other feature. The ability to use a single account for PC and mobile devices was a plus, allowing the players to keep all their progress obtained over the past year. Nevertheless, Riot Games have confirmed that the functionality of the mobile client will be further finalized over time.

The introduction of the new content for TeamFight Tactics has certainly worked well. The game has managed to return its players and even attract new ones. This has increased the game's visibility, allowing it to return to top 20 categories on Twitch. If you have more questions regarding this, leave a comment on our Discord server.

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