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TFT: In anticipation of the Mid-Set Update

TFT: In anticipation of the Mid-Set Update

With patch 10.12, which will come out in a few weeks, the third set of TeamFight Tactics will undergo big changes. In anticipation of this, we wanted to tell how “Galaxies” showed itself.

In mid-March, League of Legends developers officially reveal the “Galaxy” patch. Along with it, TeamFight Tactics received a huge update of the gameplay component, and the mobile version of the game. All of this revived  TFT and greatly increased its viewership statistics compared to previos major update

The next big step for the Riot Games’ child will be a mid-set patch. With it, the “Galaxy” will receive a new look: new characters, an updated list of synergies and much more. This is a new solution for the company, as we used to see only small patches with minor innovations.

However, how does the game show itself now? We took the period from March 16 to May 16 of this year. In the context of two months, we’ll tell you how the game viewership was changing.

During this time, the game showed an exciting state of affairs. In the first days after the release of the new set, the peak mark reached 40K spectators. However, almost a month after the upgrade, the peak category suddenly increased to 119K people. It’s difficult to distinguish the reason of such leap.

The number of streamers, however, didn’t show a similar situation. On the contrary, with the release of the third set, the number of channels in the category started to fall slowly.  A part, where we have a peak of almost 120K spectators is especially interesting. On the channels chart, no jump is observed.

We should note that with the release of the mobile version of the game and the studio’s announcement of 10 million downloads, the viewership of the category should have grown much more. However, there’s an interesting problem.

Most of the downloads are made by current TFT PC players. Moreover, gamers who are used to play on mobile devices prefer YouTube or Facebook platforms. Numerous tournaments in Mobile Legends, Free Fire and PUBG Mobile have repeatedly confirmed this.

In this regard, we should mention one of the most popular streamers of Facebook Gaming - Disguised Toast, which recently has become the face of the platform.

If we take the indicators of his channels for the same period, we can see quite negative results. The number of viewers remained the same, and one big leap was recorded on Valorant broadcast. This partially proves that the majority of the audience of the mobile version are the same fans who play TeamFight Tactics on the PC.

As a result, we can understand that the life of TFT after numerous updates didn't improve much. Even the announcement of the World Cup did not push players to return to the game. The upcoming mid-season patch will try to fix this, and we will certainly tell you about its success.

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