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The most popular SC2 players of 2018

Posted May 14, 2019

We have already told you about the results shown by the organizations in three different team disciplines. But what about the single representatives of these very teams? Today we will talk about StarCraft 2 and its most popular players of 2018.

The data we collected is quite surprising, especially when it comes to the gap between the first place and the subsequent spots. In the 2018 season, Serral has managed to gather 2 million 359 thousand viewhours – whereas Stats (occupying the second place) was only able to reach 1 million viewhours.

This means that there were much more people willing to spend their time on viewing the matches the Finnish zerg has participated it. More precisely, that would be 224% more – and if we compare this result with the last place (occupied by INnoVation), we can see that the gap reaches 1 million 676 thousand viewhours.

Meanwhile, the remaining nine places show more or less the same results – it seems like nearly all the fans of this discipline have concentrated their attention upon one player and one player alone, causing his colleagues to feel comparatively ignored. It may well be that this situation will change in the future, providing us with more heated competition – but as of now Serral is incredibly popular when compared to the other prominent representatives of the StarCraft 2 scene.

When it comes to the silver medalist of the World Championship, he rightfully takes the second place. What's more surprising, out of all the quarter-finalists of the 2018 WCS Global Finals, only six managed to enter this top 10 ranking. TY and sOs were not so lucky, with the latter being stopped as early as the semifinals.

This shows that despite all its strong sides, the media performance of the final tournament of the WCS season was somewhat underwhelming. Unlike The International or Worlds, it is far from having a large share of popular cyberathletes. That is especially true when there's a number of other championships important to StarCraft 2 fans – such as the Intel Extreme Masters.

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