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The most popular Twitch categories of April

April was full of changes in Top Watched categories on Twitch because of the new titles, that attracted more viewers than in March.

The leader of the month is the new game by Riot Games - Valorant, which appeared to be the reason of the lack of interest to other categories.

Now the game is on the closed beta stage and the users have an opportunity to randomly get the key with the help of Twitch Drops. The main requirement is to watch the broadcast of any Valorant streamer for a couple of hours. In such a way you can enter the pool.

Many users were watching broadcasts from multiple accounts in order to get the access to the game and to sell it later. That’s why the Hours Watched number reached the mark of 344M in April and the Peak Viewers concluded 1,7M concurrent viewers. And this is the 2020 record by viewership statistics of Twitch categories.

By the way, a lot of organizers launched their Valorant tournaments, so this also affected the viewership. You can find more about Valorant tournaments in this article.

This month Just Chatting stayed in the same position and collected 141M of Hours Watched and 553K Peak Viewers, because many streamers like to switch to this category during the breaks from the streams.

Surprisingly, League of Legends lost 2 positions for the first time because of a sharp interest in Valorant. Although, the discipline has shown itself better than in the previous month and Hours Watched has increased on 12% compared to March. Also, the category’s peak was 735K viewers thanks to the main LoL leagues - LCS and LEC.

Fortnite and CS:GO stayed in the same positions, but CoD: Modern Warfare has lost 3 positions for the same reason of focusing on a new discipline. CoD’s Hours Watched have reduced on 16% compared to March and the developers received some hate from fans because they’ve deleted the game mode for 3 persons.

World of Warcraft climbed a few positions up thanks to the alpha-test of the new Shadowlands addon and collected 32M of Hours Watched (On 58% more than in the previous month).

The FIFA statistics also got better. In April the traditional sports’ transition to online continued, that’s why there were some tournaments as Stay and Play Cup by Electronic Arts and ePremier League Invitational by English football Premier League, the results of which you can find in our previous article. ePremier League Invitational #2 will be held in the beginning of May.

Regarding offline-games Final Fantasy VII remake was launched on April 10 and ranked 13th in our top. On the pre-last place is Resident Evil 3. Many streamers paid their attention to this game, including Distortion2, xQcOW and fextralife. The Nemesis chase drew 324K spectators at the peak.

The interest to the life simulator Animal Crossing has subsided, and it lost 7 positions in April, but still remained in our ranking.

Escape from Tarkov и Apex Legends also haven’t got an attention this month because of the new title. Although the statistics of Apex Legends' ALGS Online Tournament, that has taken place in April in EU and NA regions, was quite good.

Coronavirus has had a positive impact on the Twitch music category because many artists have created their own channels and the platform itself contributes to the development of it. In April, there was a 78% increase of Hours Watched compared to the beginning of March. You can read more about the impact of coronavirus on the music category in our blog.

The results of April don’t end there. We have prepared for you the articles about the most popular streamers on Twitch and Mixer, and you can share your opinion in our social networks and on our Discord server.

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