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December Twitch analysis

Posted Jan 13, 2019

December became the final chord of 2018 and filled the lives across the whole world with holidays and family gatherings. At the same time, it presented gamers with many hours of interesting content. Our task was to make an analysis of the situation on the Twitch platform, one which we are going to share in this article.

The positioning of Twitch.tv's Olympus-like pantheon remained unchanged when compared to the previous month. The top is still occupied by the Epic Games' battle royale. Following it is the League of Legends. Completing the top three is the Just Chatting section.

The champion in the face of Fortnite still holds the attention of all the majorly popular western streamers. Because of this, the audience of these individuals continues to monitor their broadcasts, therefore providing this project with extra hours. Along with this, the esports component of the shooter also provides some contribution. The American part of Winter Royale took place in December. Along with this, at the end of the year, WSOE held the third season of its championship.

In League of Legends everything is more obvious: the second place was kept thanks to the All-Star Las Vegas and ordinary streamers. The off-season is partly to blame for MOBA's popularity in December, since it provided many cyberathletes with extra time for personal broadcasts.

In turn, Just Chatting is a category for simple communication with viewers. At the same time, many streamers use this section before starting the games. Around the time of New Year's Eve, this section managed to set a new record since its inception: a simultaneous number of channels reached a total of 1853. As a result of all this, Just Chatting can be seen occupying the third spot on the list.

In addition, Sea of Thieves has returned to the ranking. Along with it, Atlas exploited the pirate theme for making its own breakthrough. The newcomer received mixed reviews from players, but still managed to snatch its share of popularity.

At the same time, a Diablo clone known as Path of Exile managed to overcome a gap of 50 spots as it moved up the ranking. This last game received a large number of spectators thanks to the new league that came out earlier this month. The updated content allowed the project to win back the interest of old players, at the same time attracting the new hardcore gamers.

Hearthstone has also surprised many by climbing five spots up over the past December. Most likely the failure of the Artifact and the All-Star Invitational have contributed to this. In January, we will be able to find out whether Blizzard’s card game will manage to hold its position or will it be lost again.

New Call of Duty is on the gradual decline. It seems that even the New Year's discounts do not help the shooter to bring back its audience. At the end of December, Black Ops 4 dropped another 4 positions in ranking, which does not make the bright future of the game all too believable. Most likely, the developers will need to do something in order not to suffer a fiasco in the contest with Battlefield V when it will gain the battle royale mode.

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