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January Twitch analysis

Posted Feb 02, 2019

Since the beginning of the year, there weren't any big news or sensations to observe, therefore the game popularity ranking has stayed roughly the same, with the same projects taking the lead. Still, at least there was a new entry in the top 20. As such, we present you the analysis of for January.

As mentioned, there was only one newcomer to the ranking, a remastered classic title straight out of 90's – Resident Evil 2. Namely, it managed to take hold of the 13th position in the ranking thanks to the interest expressed by many popular streamers, such as Shroud.

At the same time, the Casino category has dropped out of TOP 20. Apparently, the Twitch platform itself made a decision of removing this aspect altogether, proceeding to delete it. The recent disappearance of all related ads on the partnered websites can be seen as a proof of this.

Sea of Thieves has shown the largest increase in popularity so far, getting a second wind thanks to all the attention from a number of popular streamers. This particular trend was started by summit1g, only to be continued by other top streamers – something that was also confirmed by one of the developers at the latest video. There, he also confirmed that this surge of popularity has caused the related average online presence to spike as well, which translated into increased sales.

The title which suffered from the largest audience drop would be the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, dropping by 11 positions during January. It's not yet clear what has happened to the community of this fighting game. Was it eaten by the recently released Piranha Plant?

Fortnite, League of Legends and Just Chatting have retained their leading positions. The "Victory Royale" of Epic Games' Battle Royale is still ongoing, and the developers have not only their popular Twitch partners to thank this for, but also the famous YouTubers – originally specializing in other games (such as Minecraft), before starting to visit the Twitch platform in the search of new audience and bigger income.

The situation regarding LoL is much easier to explain, for the most popular MOBA was recently hit by the new competitive season. Nearly all regional championships had their first matches played already. Additionally, as the start of split would mean holding qualifiers for the new in-game rank, this particular situation was taken advantage of by the popular streamers. They were broadcasting the qualifiers, allowing many fans to follow and watch these with a great deal of interest.

It seems that Just Chatting would always remain on top, given that this section is used on a regular basis during breaks between the games, as well as during other moments when the streamers wish to address their viewers. As a result, this category occupies the third position of the ranking.

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