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Twitch Analysis for January

Posted Feb 06, 2020

In January Twitch once again saw the change of the owner of the top spot in terms of popularity. The top 20 has also undergone major changes. We will cover this in more detail in our today's report.

The first spot on the popularity top in January was occupied by League of Legends. The MOBA from Riot Games was able to overtake its closest competitor by a large margin. Considering that the game's esports season began only at the end of the month, it becomes obvious that the majority of views were earned thanks to the common streamers.

The other games of this studio have failed to show positive results. TeamFight Tactics is no longer in the top 20, while the testing of Legends of Runeterra has started only on January 23rd – which is obviously too short of a period for the CCG to get into the top. As a result of this, Riot Games have only claimed the ranking's very top spot so far.

Fortnite is still on its negative results streak, dropping by yet another spot compared to December. The creation of Epic Games seems to suffer from a kind of stagnation, one that certainly doesn't bring it any benefits. The reasons for this may be found in both the shooter's esports season taking a break and the decrease of interest from the ordinary gamers.

As for the other two battle royales, their trends seem to be positive. In January, PUBG has managed to climb three spots higher thanks to the influx of new content. The developers have added an extra map, one quite different from everything that was released before. What should we say, PUBG Corp. even bothered added the explosives to destroy certain walls with.

In turn, Apex Legends has climbed one spot higher, something that can be attributed to several factors. January marks the beginning of shooter's new esports system known as Apex Legends Global Series. Additionally, the developers have expanded the game with a number of new and interesting modes.

Monster Hunter: World was the one to stand out the most, climbing 19 spots at once, and now occupying 19th spot in the top. Such a rapid growth in popularity is due to the massive Iceborne expansion finally reaching the game's PC version on January 11th.

Russian video game developers were not left behind either, seeing how the Escape from Tarkov has continued its triumphal march towards the top of the ranking. The shooter has climbed a total of five spots in January and currently occupies the third spot – which is still quite far from the first spot based on the indicators. We should remind you that the hype around this game has started after the addition of special Twitch Drops for the audience.

The situation may change even more during February – which marks the start of a full-fledged League of Legends esports season, as well as the season's first CS:GO Major. In other words, the platform's results will be greatly affected by these and other factors. We will definitely share the results with all of you - and in order not to miss them, be sure to subscribe to our VK, Twitter, Facebook and Discord server.

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