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Twitch analysis for July

Twitch analysis for July

Many interesting events took place on Twitch during July. Of course, all of these were reflected in the ranking of the platform's most popular categories. Today we will tell you how exactly it has changed.

The top spot remains occupied by Fortnite. The World Championship for this game has collected a huge number of views. Additionally, the broadcasts of many famous streamers have taken place over this month. As a result, the first spot saw no changes once again.

Surprisingly, showing the biggest "leap" in the list was the game from the Super Mario series. The second part of Super Mario Maker has managed to move to the 13th spot of the ranking. The overall increase for the category was equal to whopping 23 spots. It is hard to pinpoint a single reason for such growth. The reasons may range from a small Twitch tournament to a large number of channels broadcasting the game.

Another unusual ranking placement was shown by the new mode from Riot Games. It got its own category relatively recently, but has already left the main game behind. Yes, in July the League of Legends was ranked lower than the autobattler based on it. In this case, the major part of this success was generated by Twitch Rivals.

Aside of luring many of the popular streamers from other categories to its side, it managed to retain their loyalty after the dust has settled. Of all the autobattlers, only TFT has managed to reach such success.

As for the categories which have remained in top 20, two games at once have suffered the same kind of failure. Both Hearthstone and Path of Exile lost 4 spots in the ranking as compared to June.

Blizzard's card game has lost its views as the first season of Grandmasters has ended. We have already summarized its results in this article. Additionally, some of the most popular streamers in the category have temporarily switched to TFT. As we've mentioned before, this happened due to the platform's special tournament.

On the other hand, Path of Exile is facing a completely "normal" decrease. The interest game managed to spark with the introduction of new content is gradually cooling down – which causes the game to lose spots in the overall ranking. With the new season being released, the cycle will repeat and the "diabloid" will return to its usual spot.

As it turned out, Blizzard decided to not stop at HS alone, seeing how WoW has also entered our ranking. We should definitely tell about an interesting marathon that was featured within this game. One of this MMORPG's most advanced guilds has streamed the first completion of a Mythic-difficulty raid of Queen Azshara, getting 192 peak viewers – a result which left behind even the WoW Arena's World Championship. All in all, fans of the game seem to perceive the PvE content with great interest.

In August, an extremely interesting change will be upon us. The well-known Ninja will leave Twitch, which means that a large portion of his audience will lose its hero. Will it switch to a new platform or find a new streamer? We will find this out in the summary of August results!

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