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November Twitch analysis

Posted Dec 05, 2018

Online broadcasting is a global trend in the entertainment and gaming industries. One of Esports Charts functions is to follow it’s development, new patterns, and trends. November is the period of high-profile releases in the gaming field, so it would be interesting to see how this fact reflected the streamers and spectators of the most popular platform in the world — Twitch.

Fortnite and League of Legends continue to occupy leading positions compared to all games. MOBA from Riot got fewer number of watched hours and the number of viewers due to the end of Worlds 2018. It proves Fortnite’s dominant position in the streaming.

Usually, in the top three, there was another royal battle, like PlayerUnknown's Battleground or Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. However, not this time. The royal battle from Treyarch lost 2/3 of its audience over the past month, developers should do something to save the situation. Meanwhile, PUBG occupied the eighth place as if was in the previous month.

Just Chatting continues to gain momentum. Compared with the previous month, it got even more viewers and now ranks third in the ranking. This is natural, as many people watch streams not because of the games, but of streamers. That is why if they can make a show even without a game, they don’t really need it.

Practice shows that esports and live broadcasts go hand in hand. DreamLeague Season 10 and The Kuala Lumpur Major strengthened Dota 2 in the ranking while holding the Overwatch World Cup 2018 returned Overwatch to the top 10. BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen 2018, IEM Chicago 2018 and ECS Season 6 Finals attracted viewers to CS:GO.

Pokemon: Let's Go, Pikachu! / Eevee! — the new release of the Pokemon franchise, which is incredibly popular around the world, that is why the game held the leading position in Twitch for several days. The open testing of the revolutionary Lost Ark Online began recently — many lovers of hack’n’slash are waiting for this game, which guarantees a stable audience base.

New Battlefield came out in November — it was poorly accepted by players and streamers, so it is unlikely that it would linger for long in the top 20. DICE announced that they will make Battle Royale mod later in Spring 2019, this fact will probably bring players back to the game. Royal Battle in the spring can correct the situation. Fallout 76 also had a lot of problems as a community of players and streamers didn’t like the game.

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