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Twitch Analysis for October

Twitch Analysis for October

In October, Twitch was focused on the League of Legends esports event. Along with this, other events of the gaming industry took place on the platform. In this article we will provide a detailed analysis of the achievements of past month's standalone categories.

As mentioned before, the League of Legends World Championship has started in October. Thanks to this tournament, the game's category was able to rise from the second spot to the first. Although the game's peak viewers indicator on Twitch did not become the largest for the month, the hours watched indicator was nevertheless almost double that of the nearest rival.

The second spot in the ranking went to Fortnite. The battle royale from Epic Games had minor problems in September. Then the shooter fell to the fourth spot on the list, losing the top to World of Warcraft. However, even though Fortnite has 1.6 million peak viewers, the game will not have a chance to return to the top of the ranking in the near future due to the ongoing Worlds 2019.

As for the WoW itself, in October it lost five spots at once. Hype around the classic version of the game is quieting down, and with it the interest in the game as well. But the “new” content should fix this situation and return the popular MMOPRG back to the top.

The Just Chatting category was quite stable. Compared to September, it did not change its position and retained the third spot. As it can be understood, this is due to the category's popularity during breaks between game sessions. While taking this kind of rest, many streamers communicate using the chat.

Destiny 2 shows the largest growth in terms of ranking positions. Several factors have influenced this result. The main one is the transition to a new platform: in October, the game has finally entered Steam. Along with this, the developers released a new add-on that added extra content, allowing the shooter to get additional interest from its audience.

The release of the new Call of Duty, too, was a success. The game from the legendary Infinity Ward was able to reach the ninth spot in Twitch popularity ranking. The shooter has gathered 371 thousand viewers. However, due to negative reviews it has a great chance to fade out of Twitch spotlight.

Speaking about the newcomers, we can't avoid noting the new game from Riot Games. In its short availability period, Legends of Runeterra was able to reach the 19th spot in the list of popular categories. This is on given that that the CCG on LoL was accessible to players only during October 16th-20th. However, during this time it managed to get 229 thousand peak viewers. We have already talked about game's first day in more detail in this news article.

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