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Twitch Rivals Among Us: Spain takes the lead

Twitch Rivals Among Us: Spain takes the lead

It was a long time coming, and it has finally happened. Twitch held its first Twitch Rivals Among Us Showdown in the middle of December. The game has risen in popularity once again and attracted hundreds of thousands viewers. Let's dive in and look at the overall success of this event.

The first Twitch Rivals Among Us Showdown was held on the 4th of December in North America. One of the Showdown's main features was the ability of every viewer to win an exclusive Glitch Pet with a Twitch logo.

Trainwreckstv became the most popular streamer of the first-ever Twitch Rivals Among Us Tournament with 19,5K viewers at its peak. One of the key factors for such a huge viewership was the fact that Tyler was allowed to enable Twitch Drops on his channel. Moistcr1tical was the second most popular streamer with 18K viewers. Unfortunately, the official Twitch Rivals channel managed to peak at only 10K viewers.

The second event in North America had shown a bit better results in comparison with the first one. Both hours watched and peak viewership have increased by 11%. This time, Bud Light's channel was the most popular one, deservedly so, because the show hosts even organized an awesome Post-Event Show! HasanAbi was The most popular community-streamer with 16K viewers, surpassing the official Twitch Rivals channel by 6K viewers.

With 303K viewers at its peak, Spain has shown the best results among all participating countries, hands down. Of course, a huge chunk of viewers tuned in just to watch Auronplay, one of the most popular Spanish streamers, who managed to gather 189K viewers at its peak. By the way, Spanish streamers should take a lot of credit for the "resurrection" of the Among Us trend since it's exactly where it has begun.

50K viewers were watching biyin_ streams, a rising star among the Spanish streamers, and she has only started streaming in December this year! Spanish fans have chosen to watch their favorite community-streamers over the official Spanish Twitch Rivals channel, making it only the sixth most popular channel.

Brazilian region has attracted 87K viewers. 46% of the audience was watching the Showdown on cellbit's stream. And although Jukes was the second most popular streamer, the gap between these two is very significant - only 15K viewers were watching Jukes's stream at its peak. Once again, the official Twitch Rivals channel could not compete with the community streamers, with only 5K viewers at its peak.

SSA attracted less viewers than the preceding ones - 196K. Juansguarnizo was the most popular streamer of the Showdown, with 26K viewers at its peak. It's worth noting, so there'll be no misunderstanding - 100% of the audience were Spanish-speaking, mostly because of the list of participants and their native language.

DACH countries showed somewhat average results. Dhalucard became the most popular streamer with 12K viewers at its peak, and Vlesk has surpassed the official Twitch Rivals just by a couple dozen viewers, peaking at 10K viewers.

Unfortunately, the last place never remains vacant, and this time Korean region occupied it with just 99K hours watched and 29K viewers at its peak. It's not a secret that Korean viewers have somewhat specific preferences in terms of the broadcast categories. Finally, the official Twitch Rivals had become the most popular channel with 17K viewers at its peak.

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