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Twitch Rivals: The results of July

Posted Aug 17, 2019

At the end of last month, we've started a new section. Now it's time to build upon it with fresh news. As you already understood, we are talking about the series of Twitch Rivals tournaments and its results for July 2019.

In the second issue, our comparison will be complemented by the ranking of the average viewers. Previously we've used only the peak viewers and hours watched figures. Therefore, now the results should become even more interesting – and more importantly, more objective.

It’s worth starting with the newcomer to the section – the average tournament viewers figure. From this perspective, the TeamFight Tactics battle became the most popular competition out there. Such a tournament managed to become extremely hyped, gathering many popular streamers of the platform.

The Rainbow Six Siege competition and the Overwatch battle of custom maps also got into the top 3. The first competition was watched by an 36 thousand average viewers. For Blizzard's game, however, this indicator stopped at 34 thousand average viewers.

Based on the number of the hours watched, the top spot is still held by the very same TFT competition. The second spot is still occupied by R6. But now closing the top 3 is the new representative.

The bronze medal in the ranking of the hours watched goes to the Sea of Thieves. The adventures of pirates have overtaken many of the more popular esports disciplines. However, the result was only enough for the third spot of the ranking.

When looking at the peak viewers data, the situation with the top 3 remains the same. This is quite surprising, because Overwatch was still in the top 3 based on the average viewers. But in other cases, things are changing in favor of Microsoft's maritime adventure.

It is worth noting that this is the second month when the Rainbow Six Siege is in the top of the Twitch Rivals ranking. In June, the game received such a high spot thanks to a show match that happened within the bounds of the exhibition of the computer games industry – E3. This time, the result was achieved thanks to a usual event within the bounds of the Rivals series.

Overall, new League of Legends mode became the winner of July. As the data shows, Riot Games did a great job with the advertising part – which is why the autobattler literally blew up the platform. It came to the point that at one time it overtook the main category of LoL. We've talked about this game in more detail as well, for example during the comparison with Dota Underlords in this article.

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