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Twitch Rivals: The results of June

Twitch Rivals: The results of June

Our blog is constantly updated with new formats and this day marks the birth of yet another one. Starting from this article we will begin to make monthly summaries of the Twitch Rivals series' tournaments. Of course, we expect feedback from you. Our readers can leave their opinions using the official Esports Charts Discord server.

Overall, our comparison will be based on the hours watched and the peak viewers of the broadcast. As per our custom, the individual streams of tournament participants are also included in the statistics. It would be very strange not to include them in the overall results, given that their presence shapes the very meaning of the event.

The first month to summarize will be June. During this month, a number of interesting competitions were held under the auspices of the organizer. Judging by the peak viewers mark, the most popular event was the show match for Rainbow Six: Siege, which was held at Е3. The second spot in the ranking goes to the Dota 2 battle. Closing the top 3 is the Mordhau championship.

Such a state of affairs is quite obvious. Е3 is always diligently monitored, and the right schedule, which fell into the window between the presentations of the publishers, along with an interesting participant list simply left no chances for the other events.

All in all, it should be noted that the situation around Dota 2 Showdown has turned out for the best. Helping the event in this regard were the Russian-speaking viewers. They have always been interested in all sorts of events related to Valve's games. At the same time, the list of participants being filled by popular streamers created yet another positive factor.

When looking at the results in terms of hours watched, then the earlier bronze medalist, Mordhau, takes the first spot. At the same time, Dota 2 earns silver once more, and the third spot becomes taken by the team competition in Hearthstone.

There is one very important aspect for us to note. In June, the organizers did not hold autobattler competitions. There's a fairly simple explanation for this. The participants got into the Auto Chess field last spring. At the same time, TeamFight Tactics got its event only in July – as before that it was in the development and testing phase.

In July, we already received a number of interesting events. At the time this article was written, TFT tournament has definitely distinguished itself. The autobattler from Riot Games caused all its rivals to become quite nervous, meanwhile the audience got a good amount of interesting match-related content between the famous personalities coming from many disciplines – from Hearthstone streamers to the popular Dota 2 analysts.

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