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Twitch Rivals: September 2020

Twitch Rivals: September 2020

While the Fall Guys tournaments are currently the most popular for the series history, the same game managed to drop by a whole eight spots in the top of Twitch categories – which is nothing short of a paradox. Today, let us summarize the achievements of all the Twitch Rivals tournaments of September.

Doritos Disruptor Series: Kripp’s Tavern, a Hearthstone tournament from the YouTube blogger Kripparian would be the first one in our selection. A total of 16 streamers participated in it. The tournament's key feature was providing the winners with a six-month supply of Doritos in addition to the prize money.

The event itself lasted five hours and was watched by 75 thousand peak viewers. Kripp's Twitch broadcast attracted 36 thousand viewers, which is the largest number so far. Following him in terms of popularity was the Russian-speaking Silvername with 22 thousand peak viewers. Yet another Russian streamer participating in the event, shtan_udachi, has reached the mark of 3.7 thousand peak viewers.

Twitch Rivals FaZe Face-Off was hosted by FaZe Clan in the middle of September. The tournament brought together the streamers and pro-players alike, resulting in a heated battle. A total of 25 teams fought for the prize of $75,000, while the game was watched by 198 thousand peak viewers over the course of three hours of airtime.

Nickmercs became the most popular streamer, being a frequent leader of broadcasts due to being the top Call of Duty streamer. This time Nick's channel was watched by 73 thousand peak viewers.

Missing the first spot by quite a large margin, and yet still arriving to the second spot is TimTheTatman with his 34 thousand peak viewers. That's while the Twitch Rivals channel itself was watched by merely 14 thousand viewers. The tournament was won by a team of four professional CoD players: Tommey, Almxnd, Chris Morales and Mikal Bridges. While they also turned their streams on, the community generally preferred spectating the game through the channels of more familiar personalities.

Now, let's talk about Fall Guys. This game has shaken up Twitch after its summer release, attracting the attention of many streamers – even becoming the third most popular Twitch category in August.

This was not a chance to be passed up by the organizers – and so a weekly tournament called Fall Guys Fridays was organized, taking place in several regions with $50,000 being raffled every week. Despite the game dropping by eight spots in September, its tournaments showed quite good results.

Twitch Rivals Fall Guys Fridays #3 was held on September 18th and reached 361 thousand peak viewers and 1.2 million hours watched. It is surprising to see that there are no English-speaking streamers among the top 5. The Spanish streamer Ibai became the most popular one, attracting a total of 86 thousand peak viewers.

We can see thegrefg on the second spot, with a total of 43 thousand peak viewers. When it comes to the Turkish-speaking streamers, kendinemuzisyen with his 23 thousand stood out the most – while trymacs with 19 thousand peak viewers turned out to be the most impressive German-speaking streamer.

The separate Twitch Rivals Fall Guys Fridays #3 (EU) tournament for the European region had the Spanish streamer thegrefg arrive first with 44 thousand peak viewers, followed by the Turkish-speaking Pqueen with 21 thousand peak viewers. Obviously, the official Twitch Rivals broadcast was largely irrelevant for the first to tournaments given the level of linguistic diversity present.

The North American statistics are much worse, with merely 65 thousand peak viewers. This was most likely caused by the shortage of popular streamers on the tournament, as compared to the previous events.

The official Twitch Rivals channel has reached the highest peak viewers mark of 11 thousand. Meanwhile, Drlupo became the most popular independent streamer in the North American region, reaching 10 thousand peak viewers.

The subsequent Twitch Rivals events were dedicated to PUBG Mobile and took place in Brazil and Africa. It should be noted that Twitch Rivals tends to feature mobile games not that often – which makes the performance of such games all the more interesting to behold.

So far, Africa has shown itself superior to Brazil. The Spanish streamer juansguarnizo became the most popular streamer of the SSA region by attracting 14 thousand viewers. The official Spanish-language Twitch Rivals broadcast attracted 3.7 thousand peak viewers – while the Portuguese-language one got only 49 viewers.

As for Brazil, the official Spanish-language broadcast of Twitch Rivals became its most popular stream, totalling 6 thousand peak viewers. Nearly the entirety of other broadcasts were in Portuguese. As for the most popular streamer, that would be Skipnho with 4.2 thousand viewers.

The last tournament to discuss today will be the Twitch Rivals FIFA 21 Preseason Invitational.

This event was part of the promotional campaign for the new game in the FIFA franchise: in particular, the tournament was held before the game's release at various venues. The matches were played across not one but two days, which was clearly done to attract the attention of gamers.

One could spot at the field both the professional footballers and FIFA pro-players. Some of the famous football personalities included Sergio Agüero, Josh Sargent and Miguel Layún. The tournament attracted 106 thousand peak viewers, the majority of which were Spanish-speaking.

Spanish-speaking Ibai became the event's most popular streamer, attracting 67 thousand peak viewers. Following him was the English-speaking castro_1021 with 48 thousand peak viewers. Meanwhile, the official Twitch Rivals broadcast reached the mark of 24 thousand peak viewers.

Therefore, right now it seems that Fall Guys has begun to lose momentum on the platform while Among Us is gaining momentum instead. And so, the question remains: will the Fall Guys events continue showing us this degree of popularity? And also, will we ever see Twitch Rivals Among Us? The answer is in our next report.

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