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Twitch Rivals: Summer 2020

Twitch Rivals: Summer 2020

Twitch has always supported the esports activities and the interaction between streamers. Actually, this is the main idea of Twitch Rivals events.

Today we'll talk about the results of summer competitions, and we'll see which discipline has collected the biggest amount of viewers.

The first event is Twitch Rivals COD Warzone Showdown 2, which was held on June 24 in Europe and North America.

North America is leading because of participants and the overall popularity of the discipline in this region - 258K viewers at the peak.

The most popular streamer of the event is Nickmercs; he's a Warzone top-1 on Twitch. 74K viewers watched his channel at the peak. Timthetatman and DrDisrespect are behind him - 37K and 32K viewers accordingly. 

The official Twitch Rivals channel is only in the 4th position, and it has collected 31K Peak VIewers. The winners of North America are Symfuhny, HusKerrs, and Priestahh.

The audience of North America was only English-speaking, but the situation is different in Europe. 

Mithrain from Turkey, Pow3rtv from Italy, French Gotaga, and Spanish streamer Flexz hosted their broadcasts, which led to such diversity of the audience. Twitch Rivals became the most popular broadcast in that region. EU has collected 162K viewers at the peak in total, and its champions are Recrent, Ubica, and OfficialSmithTV.

But this wasn't the last Warzone event by Twitch. One month later, on July 13-14, we've seen new Twitch Rivals CoD Warzone Showdown 3 in the same regions.

Twitch Rivals CoD Warzone Showdown 3 was on air for a little less than previous tournaments and collected 17K people less at the peak of the broadcast. But it still remains more popular than the official Call of Duty league.

Top-5 North American broadcasts by Peak Viewers belong to independent streamers. Nickmercs again holds the leading position - 75K viewers at the peak. The next one is Timthetatman, but his gap with Nick concluded 33K viewers. The rest belong to Symfuhny, Huskerrs, and Tfue. Twitch Rivals channel collected only 22K viewers.

The European region has gathered 106K peak viewers less, but it again showed off with the distinction by languages, which was changed because of the new participants. French people made the biggest contribution to the total number of Hours Watched - 21,9%.

Twitch Rivals FIFA 20 FaceOff on June 16 became the first Twitch event in this discipline. Such professional players, as levideweerd_, Insa, and gravesen_1 were invited along with famous streamers, and four teams were formed in total.

The matches were held for 8 hours and collected 40K viewers at the peak. Spanish streamer Robertpg has gathered 8,8K viewers at the peak, and Polish Plkdamian - 6,6K, but English-speaking viewers concluded the biggest part of the audience.

Twitch Rivals World of Warcraft Arathi Basin Showdown occurred on June 25-26 in the format of PVP 15 vs.15. The leader of the Alliance was Asmongold, and Sonii led the Horde. The action was held for 1 hour and was broadcast only on Twitch Rivals channel with 17K Peak Viewers.

Twitch Rivals Chess Showdown on July 10-11 has completed the success of Pogchamps

Many chess lovers among streamers like NymN, MoistCr1TiKaL, and Papaplatte joined the event. 18K German-speaking viewers watched the broadcast thanks to the last-mentioned streamer. 

The total Viewers Peak is 100K. You can find more about the chess success on Twitch in this article.  

On July 14, Twitch decided to support the new project from Final Strike Games and Electronic Arts - Rocket Arena, the free first-person 3 vs. 3 shooter. Twitch hosted Twitch Rivals Rocket Arena Crater Cup with 24 popular streamers to draw some attention to it.

The broadcast was on air for 4 hours, and the official channel became the most popular by collecting 10K viewers at the peak. Bugha stood out the most - 6,2K viewers at the peak. Moreover, his team is the winner of the event.

With the launch of the new Hyper Scape project from Ubisoft, we've also seen Twitch Rivals Hyper Scape Launch Showdown in Europe and North America and wrote a separate article about it. The next Hyper Scape Twitch event will take place on August 17-19.

22-24th of August were dedicated to Twitch Rivals Rift Series Spirit Blossom Showdown in League of Legends. The tournament was held in two regions - Europe and North America. Eight teams competed in the event, and 50K watched the broadcast at the peak.

Apart from Twitch Rivals, Lilypichu streamed the battle, and 11K watched her broadcast. She isn't the only one,  trick2g, scarra, shiphtur, and others launched the streams. Apart from an English-speaking audience, 23 Japanese-speaking viewers came from Ayustat5 broadcast.

Spirit Blossom isn't considered as a single event. We've also seen Twitch Rivals Spirit Blossom Legends of Runeterra Showdown and Twitch Rivals Spirit Blossom Teamfight Tactics Showdown, which can show off with quite good statistical numbers.

Twitch Rivals Minecraft Bingo Challenge was held on July 21-22 and collected 337K viewers at the peak. How was this result achieved? Read our recent article and wait for Minecraft Showdown on August 31.

We are expecting even more exciting events from Twitch, and we'll talk about their results in our new articles. So don't forget to subscribe to our social pages and also join our Discord server.

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