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September Twitch analysis

Posted Oct 02, 2018

Streaming is one of the fastest growing branches of modern Internet culture. Radical changes occur every month, people change their interests, which is why you can always find something interesting in our lists of the most popular broadcasts.

Fortnite and League of Legends continue to dominate, taking first and second place respectively. The situation should change in October when Worlds 2018 begins.

CS:GO was able to take the third place due to the FACEIT Major London 2018 — the largest tournament with the best teams from around the world. Dota 2 lost a lot of viewers in September as there were no any major tournament, only qualifications and online championships.

Half a year ago no one could even imagine that PUBG could take the seventh place in the list for two months in a row. In September, CoD: Black Ops 4 is looking forward over former’s king's shoulder, as the new part of Call of Duty received new game format — Battle Royale. It was a beta in September, while full release will be in October.

Overwatch and Hearthstone lost quite a lot of viewers — there was no new content in September and the Overwatch League finished. Blizzard’s game will bot go back to the top without making something new. Nevertheless, World of Warcraft continues to take the fourth position after the month from the release of Battle for Azeroth.

Destiny received new content which brought back players and viewers. The same can be told about Path of Exile — developers made new league which made this game once more popular. New Rocket League esports season started which made this discipline quite popular on Twitch.  

Marvel’s Spider-Man and FIFA 19 are the new games. The first is the single player exclusive from Sony, next month it will be gone from the top. The situation is quite different with Fifa 19 — it came out on September 28 and managed to get to the top. It will definitely hit the top 10 in October, probably even higher.

Always On held a marathon of all Pokemon’s seasons — this franchise has a lot of fans, so this section was watched by a lot of viewers.

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