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Twitch Analysis for September

Twitch Analysis for September

Today we want to summarize the Twitch categories for September 2019 and show how the numbers of this platform have changed month-to-month.

Let's start with the champion of the month – World of Warcraft. The release of the classic version of the game brought such levels of hype that at the end of September, this particular MMO became the most popular one on Twitch.

As a result, the Fortnite battle royale was pushed off the throne. Moreover, it immediately lost three ranking positions, losing silver to League of Legends. The bronze of popularity went to “Just Chatting”, which is used by many during various interruptions between the regular games.

For Epic Games, such a failure is a big blow indeed. This is the first time in a while when Fortnite has not reached the top 3 most popular categories on Twitch. It seems that the old-timers of the gaming world in the person of World of Warcraft possess incredible power. But do not forget about the departure of Ninja, which transferred a rather impressive number of hours watched to Mixer.

Only Dota 2 was marked by an even greater decline. The Defence of the Ancients has lost its influence due to a break in the competitive season. Even the extremely promising Midas Mode with incredible participants like the Na’Vi or Alliance champion teams did not help the game.

The release of the Borderlands' third chapter has shown a decent performance. The new game of Gearbox Software was able to reach 16th position in the ranking of popularity, losing to 15th place by a small margin. But will this shooter be able to gain popularity in the top 20? We will learn this in the October results.

Speaking about the release, we can't avoid mentioning the new version of the football simulator from EA. FIFA 20 was able to immediately climb to the 11th spot of the list. However, looking at the whole scandal around the game and its incredible Metacritic score of 0.3, we can safely expect a “steep decline” to happen.

In October, we expect the reigning “king” to change yet again. October 2nd marks the beginning of the League of Legends World Championship. It will bring a huge number of viewers to the game and most likely will raise it to the first spot.

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