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The most popular streamers of November on Twitch

The most popular streamers of November on Twitch

In late autumn, the title of the most popular Twitch streamer has finally changed owners. Along with this, some old faces returned to the ranking. We’ll tell you about the November changes to the top of the popular channels.

As we have already mentioned earlier, we have xQc as the newest most popular Twitch streamer. In late autumn, he has finally managed to climb to first ranking spot. This has largely happened due to him having a lot of airtime featuring the new major games – such as Death Stranding and Pokemon.

On the other hand, Asmongold has dropped to the fourth spot after holding the top spot for three months in a row. The public interest to World of Warcraft has decreased even more, which means that the viewers pay much less attention to his channel. If the situation will not change dramatically, then the streamer may leave the top 5 in December.

TFue has exhibited yet another failure, moving to the fifth spot. It should be added that he has occupied the second spot by the end of October. This particular case has the shortest total airtime. In November, TFue's airtime amounts to merely half of that of xQc.

Two channels at once have returned to the top 5. Tyler1 occupies the third spot with his League of Legends broadcasts. The Twitch Rivals show tournament held in late autumn was followed by a large number of people. This player has just become the most popular one among his colleagues in the competition.

Lirik was the second old-but-new face in the top. He's another streamer that covers a lot of different games. In November, he has also engaged in major releases, and therefore has obtained a decent share of new viewers. But unlike xQc, he does not have that many hours of airtime.

When it comes to the Russian-speaking audience, the owner of the first spot has also changed. This has happened due to the release of a new Dota 2 update. Among those covering this game, two channels at once have went up one spot as a result. Stray228 became the most popular channel of November, being followed by ybicanoooobov.

The middle of the ranking is occupied by a flexible Russian-language streamer, C_a_k_e. His channel has predominantly featured Escape from Tarkov, a shooter from Russian developers. But aside of this, it has also featured both esports matches on WGL and the new products from the gaming industry such as Death Stranding.

Next came the cyberathlete SilverName. He has went one spot up thanks to Hearthstone's new, autobattler-style mode. As a result, the player has reached the top spot in the European ranking, which in turn has served as a great attraction for the new viewers.

Closing the Russian-language top was the November's top spot owner – Dread. In his case, even a large amount of airtime did not help. Andrey's successes in Dota 2 were followed by far fewer viewers. This has happened due to the large number of broadcasts of famous media personalities after the release of the “Outlanders” update.

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