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Warface Open Cup Season XV: Results

Warface Open Cup Season XV: Results

The main LAN-event of this winter Warface: Open Cup: Season XV has come to its end. It is the concluding part of this tournament series and the beginning of game renovation. 

This is the last part of Season XV and the end of Open Cup series. It was held from February 28 to March 1 in Moscow at WINSTRIKE Arena. 8 most powerful teams from Russia participated in the event and the prize pool for the first place on the tournament was $86,000.

The broadcast of the tournament was held on such platforms as Twitch, VK Live and YouTube Live with the biggest number of peak viewers - 33,877.

YouTube Live has collected 84% from the overall number of views. In general, the tournament reached the mark of 600K Hours Watched.

The most popular match of the tournament was the battle between BMRG and PC. The viewers peak during the fight was 37K. Moving on, the most popular team of the tournament is PogChamp. They had 25K average viewers during their games. The second place is held by team Young with 23K of average viewers.

We compared this tournament with Warface Open Cup: Season XIV for analytics, so let's dive into some numbers:

Open Cup Season XV showed comparatively worse results than Season XIV. They lacked the views in all categories. The viewership peaked at 38K people, that is on 26% less than during last season.  Number of Average Viewers is also on 22% less.

The game awaits some serious changes and its renovation. We'll see both visual and technical game changes during 2020. Besides that, the developers announced their new tournament system. The purpose is to help the young teams to participate in LAN-championships.

This event closes the Open Cup series and now we are waiting for the renewal of the discipline and its new events. 

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