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WCS: The big event is less popular

WCS: The big event is less popular

We continue to analyze the main show for all Blizzard fans. This time we will talk about the season's final StarCraft II championship - World Championship Series Global Finals 2019.

But first, let us remind you that earlier we talked about individual tournaments in the series. This blog was about two Kyiv events. The second news was concentrating on the autumn championship.

Overall, the trend of this season continued and at WCS Global Finals 2019 the situation did not change. This year's World Cup proved to be less popular than its predecessor.

The difference between the competition's peak viewers results is 54%. The average viewers number has lost 37% of the 2018 indicator over one year. The hours watched showed a decrease of 29%. This is given that the airtime of WCS Global Finals 2019 has become the largest in the last few years – 43 hours of broadcasts.

This is the reason for last year's European success when the Finnish Zerg Serral was able to win the Starcraft 2 World Championship. Until then, the titles constantly went to the representatives of Korea. The excitement around such a topic did not play for the second time.

Compared to this, the successes of South Korea (known as the “Capital of SC2”) are interesting. In one year, its results have grown, but are still inferior to some other popular disciplines. If you are interested in more detailed statistics, then be sure to use our Esports Charts Pro subscription.

This year's tournament has lower popularity than its predecessors. When not taking the hours watched into account, it manages to leave behind only the 2016's kind of event in terms of the average viewers. In all other cases, WCS Global Finals 2019 has a negative result.

But what about the players in the competition, who became the most popular? Reynor was the first in the ranking based on the average viewers, gathering 53 thousand people to watch his matches. The second spot went to Serral with a total of 49 thousand, and closing the three was Dark and his figure of 25 thousand viewers.

This year's world champion stopped in the third spot. This means that the western scene and its players are still more interesting to the strategy's community. On the other hand, if Korean viewers devoted more time to broadcasts (just as it happened on Worlds), we would definitely have a couple of new records for the series.

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