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What is interesting about Brazilian esports?

What is interesting about Brazilian esports?

We are seeing an ever-increasing amount of news about the incredible results achieved by the Brazilian leagues and championships. Brazil is unique in its combination of interests, giving that its residents show interest in both the mobile gaming and the top PC-based disciplines. Let's figure out which game titles are currently the most dominant there.

Today, the country has four most popular games: League of Legends, Rainbow Six Siege, CS: GO and Free Fire. Each of these disciplines has its own big tournaments, with the regional events gathering most of the spectators.

Free Fire – Brazil's Most Popular Discipline

Rainbow Six Siege occupies the lowest spot out of four. The game's regional tournament for South America at the beginning of this year has gathered 49 thousand viewers, a significant share of which came from Brazil.

Portuguese became the second most popular language at the last Six Invitational, with its 100 thousand peak viewers. Only the English-language stream did better, gathering 160 thousand peak viewers. Moreover, the three most popular matches of the championship have featured the Brazilian roster of Ninjas in Pyjamas. This shows that Brazil is one of the main countries for the Rainbow Six Siege itself.

CS:GO can be safely called the region's third most popular game. While Valve's shooter does gather its audience, it goes without saying that Brazilian fans follow their own teams the most. Namely, in this case MiBR and Furia are the most popular teams in the country.

The personal stream of the former cyberathlete gAuLeS is the country's main channel. Being the country's main Portuguese-speaking broadcaster, he is covering all the big tournaments featuring the Brazilian teams. He has even managed to reach new heights during the coronavirus epidemic, becoming the most popular streamer of June on Twitch.

In the case of League of Legends, CBLOL is in quite a big demand. The championship consistently improves upon own results throughout the recent years. At the recent start of the second split, the tournament has even updated its peak viewers record, which now stands at the mark of 336 thousand viewers.

To compare, the Portuguese-language broadcast of the last World Championship has attracted 283 thousand viewers. Still, we are sure that this indicator would be much higher in case the region's representative Flamengo eSports managed to enter the main stage.

The third season of the Free Fire Pro League Brazil has shown a phenomenal result, with the championship being watched by one million peak viewers. This is a record-breaking indicator not only for regional mobile gaming tournaments – it is also one of the best peak viewers indicators in esports history.

This suggests that Free Fire can be currently considered the most popular game in Brazil. The mobile battle royale from Garena has really caught the attention many Brazilians. This was appreciated by the game's creators and led to the decision of hosting the first World Championship for the shooter in Rio.

The Brazilian market is interesting to organizations from around the world

Brazil also stands out due to many popular organizations from around the world sending their forces into this region. For example, Liquid (USA) and NiP (Sweden) have their rosters in the country. This is related to this particular country having locally popular games which have much lower popularity rates in other parts of the world.

Using these, the teams from other parts of the world gain new fans and expand own fanbase. With the tournaments like the Free Fire one gathering one million peak viewers, expanding the fanbase becomes much easier (as well as more relevant from the economic standpoint) as compared to other titles – such as Dota 2 in CIS and LoL in Korea.

One of the reasons for this is the popularity of other platforms. With the mobile games dominating the region, the viewers are reasonably attracted to the services broadcasting these. Some of the more unusual ones are BOOYAH! and While not that well-known in Europe or North America, their indicators in Brazil are quite incredible.

There's no shortage of own tags

The guys from LOUD have surprised us quite a bit. This organization was the first one to reach one billion views on its own YouTube channel – and that's while the organization's roster includes only the Free Fire players. The team also stands out by inclusion of a female player in its roster.

The broadcasts of LOUD players on gather up to 300 thousand viewers on a regular basis. The number of the players' subscribers on the same platform fluctuates around more than one million people – which is an extremely impressive result.

As for the most popular organizations belonging to the region itself, these consist of several tags spread across different games. In CS:GO, this title definitely goes to MiBR and Furia Esports. As for CBLOL (the regional League of Legends competition), paiN Gaming and Flamengo eSports stand out the most.

It should be noted that there's a large number of intersecting organizations between the Free Fire Pro League and CBLOL. Almost every team from the regional League of Legends tournament has its own roster for Garena's battle royale.

Following the worldwide trends, here CS:GO and LoL also have their own cult players. In the case of CS:GO, this would be Gabriel “FalleN“ Toledo, who was able to become a two-time champion of a major throughout his career. With this, he has shown that Brazilian scene is among the superior ones in the world, for which he will forever remain the best for regional fans.

The bottom lane player Felipe “brTT” Gonçalves became kind of iconic when it comes to the League of Legends. Time and again he led his team to reach a certain level of worldwide success. He became particularly popular after the release of the documentary series about him. There, he was featured alongside such titans as Faker, xPeke and Bjergsen.

To conclude, Brazil is quite an interesting country that features a wide variety of esports disciplines. Its top includes the representatives of both the mobile gaming and the more traditional esports.

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